The Heat Gets Turned Up During Night Number Two In Springfield

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Following a very dismal round one performance just 24-hours ago, the top thirty five bull riders in the world had their intentions set on turning around the weekend’s Invitational as round two descended upon them.  Along with each and every one of the cowboys in the locker room there were another set of sold out crowds that came in expecting the very same thing after not watching more than seven qualified rides the night before.  Hoping the bad start to the weekend was behind them it was all hands on deck as we all waited to see how night number two would play out.

As the doors opened and the fans began pouring into the JQH Arena, the atmosphere was that of a PBR World Finals feel with every cowboy knowing that the time was now to begin to make the moves they needed to.  Tonight would be the night to begin that trek as not only would we watch a round two performance but the fans watching live and on the Ride Pass platform would be treated to another edition of a 15/15 Bucking Battle that would award some inflated point totals to those that could weather the eight second super storm that would lie in their paths.  After the disappointment from last night everyone was hoping to see better performances out of their favorite bull riding athletes!

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Derek Kolbaba Brings Home The Round Two Win In Springfield

Photo Credit: Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

Coming into round two earlier tonight, the thirty five cowboys in the back breathed a sigh of relief as the ABBI Classic bulls were loaded on the trailers for another week after only seeing seven qualified rides in round one.  Tonight however, those same cowboys came into the night with a renewed level of confidence and swagger and were ready to take on the world one bucking bovine athlete at a time!  As things began, it started to look like we would all be in for another performance like the one we saw last night although tonight the bull riders would fair only slightly better, still leaving much room for improvement in most cases.

Once the dust settled and the arena floor cleared, it was time to digest what we all were able to witness as the 2018 Invitational drew to its half way point here in Springfield.  After all was said and done there were another eleven bull riders that would be able to add qualified rides to the weekend’s totals with Washington State cowboy Derek Kolbaba taking home the top honors for the night.  He and Talbert Bucking Bulls’ Little Texas combined for a solid 88 point ride to walk out with a round win, giving him 100 world title race points for his efforts!

Complete Breakdown Of Round Two Qualified Rides From Springfield:

                                                                Derek Kolbaba (88.00)                                                Cody Teel (87.50)

Eli Miller (87.00)                                                          Luciano De Castro (86.50)

Nathan Burtenshaw (86.25)                                       Silvano Alves (86.00)

Dener Barbosa (85.50)                                                Kaique Pacheco (84.75)

Eduardo Aparecido (84.00)                                       Marcos Garcia (83.75)

Lindomar Lino (83.75)

Eduardo Aparecido Wins The Springfield 15/15 Bucking Battle

Photo Credit: Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

In addition to the round two performance, those watching the action were treated to another special 15/15 Bucking Battle round where the top bull riders and bovine athletes face off to earn some extra world title race points.  That being said, it is never easy to earn qualified rides in a round like this but if you do you can expect to see some huge numbers being put up on the leader board.  Tonight was no different as the round concluded with only two riders being able to make it to the much elusive eight second buzzer as we carry on the weekend’s traditions that we all were hoping to see changed here in Saturday night live.

In tonight’s activities, it would be a Brazilian infestation as the only two qualified rides were put up by their countrymen, each earning some much needed world title race points.  Dener Barbosa would come out swinging by earning himself a 86.50 point ride giving him 90 world title race points that moved him from the number twelve spot to the number eleven spot in the world standings.  The only other countryman to earn a qualified ride was non other than Eduardo Aparecido who would take home the round with with a huge 89 point ride that would allow him to hold onto his world number ten position heading into Championship Sunday tomorrow afternoon!

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