The Global Cup Comes Back To The United States

Once again this year. the top hand-picked bull riders in the Professional Bull Riders organization will take a step back from the Unleash The Beast Tour to have the honor of competing for their home countries as the Global Cup makes its way back to AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.  The format here this weekend is quite different from what we see every other weekend across the country as there will be absolutely no points available for the event, just the honor of taking home the Global Cup trophy for their country at the end of Sunday afternoon.  There are six different teams competing, the United States Eagles, the United States Wolves, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, and Australia each with seven contestants from each visiting country and fourteen for the home country team, six riders and one alternate with home country team doubling up on that number.

The six above named teams with each send out six riders in four rounds over the two day period with two bonus rounds each day with two more opportunities for riders from each country to get a score up on the board.  Now, here is where it gets tricky and it can be hard to begin to figure out who will win the Global Cup until the very last ride on Sunday afternoon.  Even though there may be more than ten qualified rides put up per country, only the top ten scores over the two-day event will count towards their combined total.  That being said, the more qualified rides a team can make the better chances they have to take home the cup for the 2020 edition of the PBR’s Global Cup.  You have seen over the course of the last few weeks teams change and the dynamics heighten as early-season injuries have forced a whole new look about who needs to step up and make a name for themselves inside of AT&T Stadium.

Jose Vitor Leme & Jess Lockwood Make The High Marked Rides Of Night One

Photo Credit: Jeana from Rokin’ K Photos

Every cowboy coming into this weekend knows that they are not riding for themselves but for their country they are representing and the effort and grit that we saw in night one was significant of what the true meaning was for each of them.  There were eight opportunities for each country and team to post up points in night number one and after all was said and done, that is exactly what had happened, making tomorrow’s action one to pay close attention to.  Team Canada came out with guns blazing beginning the event with the first two qualified rides, being the only team to post any scores up on the board.  After night one was concluded, it would be Team United States Eagles that would take the early lead posting up four qualified rides and setting themselves up great for a nice run to the finish with a full one bull lead ahead of all other teams.  You can see a complete breakdown of qualified rides per team below heading into Sunday afternoon’s final day of action.

Even though the main focus of the weekend will be the overall team scores and the total amount of rides posted for each, it is also important for team morale to take away small wins each day here in Arlington, Texas.  Many of those small victories will be in personal bests, amazing feats and, of course, high-marked rides.  Tonight we want to focus some attention on just that, the high-marked ride of the night as our team member Jeana from Rokin’ K Photos is in the house to capture all of the action and excitement through her lens.  Tonight, the man taking center stage of our Rodeo Round-Up focus would be Team Brazil’s Jose Vitor Leme and United States Team Eagle’s Jess Lockwood who would both ride to the tune of 90.25 points to bring home the highest marked rides of the night for their teams, sending them into Sunday afternoon full of energy and confidence!


United States Team Eagles

Jess Lockwood (90.25) * Round 1 *

Jess Lockwood (88.50) * Bonus Round *

Cole Melancon (86.00)

Cody Teel (82.00)

TEAM TOTAL: 346.75 – 4 Rides


United States Team Wolves

Colten Jesse (85.25) * Round One *

TEAM TOTAL: 85.25 – 1 Ride


Team Canada

Zane Lambert (87.75)

Jake Gardner (87.00)

Jordan Hansen (85.00)

TEAM TOTAL: 259.75 – 3 Rides


Team Australia

Cliff Richarson (85.50)

Aaron Kleier (84.25)

TEAM TOTAL: 169.75 – 2 Rides


Team Mexico

Edgar Durazo (89.00)

TEAM TOTAL: 89.00 – 1 Ride


Team Brazil

Jose Vitor Leme (90.25) * Round One/Ride One *

TEAM TOTAL: 90.25 – 1 Ride

Now that round one is in the books and the dust has settled, we are beginning to see the glimpse of light about how things may play out tomorrow afternoon as the Rodeo Round-Up and Rokin’ K Photos team are in the house to bring you up to date on all information related to the 2020 PBR Global Cup.  Jeana and crew will once again be in attendance tomorrow to keep you all updated with some amazing pictures from the arena floor as well as any breaking news or announcements live from AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.  We are excited to be covering this huge event again this year and hope that you will continue to enjoy our in-depth and personal coverage that each of our team members strives to bring to you throughout the year as we travel from coast to coast!

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