The Final Event Of The 2018 Season Begins In Nampa


After a long and hard fought season the 2018 Professional Bull Riders 25th Anniversary Monster Energy Unleash The Beast season will draw to a close in just over 24-hours time from right now as the DeWalt Guaranteed Tough Invitational ends the dramatic season here in Nampa, Idaho.  Everyone that has ever been a fan of professional bull riding come into this weekend knowing that huge things can happen in the blink of an eye as all the competitors begin to make the trek towards Las Vegas in just a couple short weeks.  Even though some have already punched their ticket to the 2018 PBR World Finals, there are still a good number of unknowns that will begin to play out once round one begins here later tonight in front of a sold-out crowd that will pack into the Ford Idaho Center!

While the world number one man continues his domination, Kaique Pacheco comes into this weekend’s event with just under a 2000 point lead in the overall world standings and looks to extend that lead even further following tomorrow’s conclusion.  That being said, there are still many fan-favorite cowboys and bovine athletes that are still trying to secure their own spots in the top as we close out the season and begin watching things that will shake out on the Velocity Tour in the upcoming two weeks.  Even if those sitting on the bubble can not make it to Las Vegas following this event they will still have an opportunity to partake in the 2018 PBR World Finals by making up the needed world standings points on the lower-level tours that the Professional Bull Riders sanctions throughout the country.

Spotted Demon Hoped To Earn A Trip To Las Vegas In Round One

Photo Credit: Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

Even though most of the attention from here on out will be focused on the cowboy athletes that are competing in the arena, there are still another form of athletes that will be vying for their own world championship title as we begin our march towards Las Vegas.  There are still many bovine athletes that have yet to earn their invitation from the Director of PBR Livestock, Cody Lambert, that will have their last opportunities to impress here in Nampa, Idaho.  There are many of these bucking bulls that have been honored on the professional rodeo side as top animal athletes in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association that have not yet been invited to Las Vegas.  Along with that is the drama that will begin to play out as the top ten bucking bulls compete for their own world title in a couple of weeks.

One of those notable names is a bovine athlete that has already had his time in the spotlight in the past years as one of the top ten bucking bulls that competed for the world championship title but has not been seen too often this year on the PBR side of the house.  Spotted Demon comes into this weekend’s event looking to earn his way back to Las Vegas following a huge announcement earlier in the week that gave him some major notoriety on the PRCA side.  The Julio Moreno/Dallas Schott bucking bull was named the Bucking Bull of the Year and would lead off round one in impressive style for his first of two appearances here this weekend.  Marco Eguchi had the misfortune of being paired up with him to lead off the event in which he would come down well before the eight-second buzzer, thus earning Spotted Demon an impressive 44.75 point bull score and all but securing his invitation to Las Vegas for the 2018 PBR World Finals!

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Jose Vitor Leme Claims The Round One Win In Nampa

Photo Credit: Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

One the opening ceremonies and the cowboy introductions were concluded, it was time to put up or shut up as the top thirty-five bull riders in the world made their way back behind the bucking chutes to start the round one action in Nampa.  Each and every one that was watching either from home or in person knew the gravity of the situation at hand and the cowboys here this weekend knew what was at stake as well n which it showed as round one progressed.  Remembering that not only the bull riders but the bucking bulls were stepping up their games as well to impress Cody Lambert on their last opportunity to do so they also put on a show of power that made for a fantastic and drama-filled round one here in Nampa, Idaho  to make the fans leaving the Ford Idaho Center wanting to see even more tomorrow as we close out the 2018 regular season.

Before tonight’s round even began, the analysts were looking over the round one match-ups quite closely and all came down to the conclusion that this would be one of the most sought after rounds of the season.  No one knew exactly which way the tides would turn as many of the bubble athletes on both sides of the fence were here competing for the chance to head to Las Vegas.  After all was said and done, there would be seventeen of the thirty-five here this weekend that would be able to make it to the eight-second buzzer to head into tomorrow’s round two with a score on the board and a chance to earn some major world title race points.  That being said, tonight belonged to Jose Vitor Leme who would manage to stay aboard Wentz Bucking Bulls/New West Rodeos’ Whiskey Bent while earning a solid 88.50 point ride to take home the round one win and 100 world title race points that went along with it!

Complete List Of Qualified Rides Fron Round One In Nampa:

Jose Vitor leme (88.50)                                                                                          Cody Jesus (88.00)

Cody Teel (87.50)                                                                                                    Chase Outlaw (87.25)

Kaique Pacheco (87.00)                                                                                         Derek Kolbaba (86.25)

Gage Gay (85.25)                                                                                                     Eduardo Aparecido (84.50)

Dener Barbosa (84.25)                                                                                           Claudio Montanha Jr. (84.00)

Alex Marcilio (83.00)                                                                                             Joao Ricardo Vieira (83.00)

Luciano De Castro (83.00)                                                                                    J.B. Mauney (82.25)

Colten Jesse (81.50)                                                                                                Cody Nance (81.25)

Ramon de Lima (81.00)

Just as anticipated, the first round of the 2018 DeWalt Guaranteed Tough Invitational left us all watching as the top thirty-five bull riders in the world gave their all knowing that the end of the regular season is just one day away.  After tonight’s round one, there are even more questions that remain unanswered and many variables unknown about what things will all look like following tomorrow night’s final rounds.  The nerves and jockeying for position will increase ten-fold as we look ahead to the final day of the regular season as we close out the last event in style and begin to see who will be celebrating and who will have to leave the Ford Idaho Center knowing they did all that they could have done but still came up just a little short of the ultimate goal of heading to Las Vegas to compete for a World Championship title.

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