The Excitement Continues During Round Two Of The 2020 WNFR

Last night kicked off a much different Wrangler National Finals Rodeo than we have ever seen in recent memory as we usually flock to Sin City, Las Vegas, and enjoy ten days of extreme hospitality.  Although things may look a little different this year if what we have all felt so far this week here in Texas is any glimpse into what to expect over the next week and a half the great state of Texas is will exceed all of our expectations.  The arena floor is one of the biggest things that we need to get used to but in round one, it provided us with a ton of excitement to start off the 2020 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.  I four of the seven events last night WNFR rookies either split the win, won the round, or placed with many others making great runs and rides to place them high within the average already.

Coming into tonight’s round two performance the world title races were even closer than they were coming into the start of the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo with great performances by those needing them as they look to continue that path, shaping up this year’s world title races as some of the closest that we have been able to witness in many years.  For the first year in a long time 6-time bull riding world champion Sage Kimzey came into the WNFR in an ACTUAL race for the world title, barely claiming a check in round one with a sixth-place finish, which closes this world title race that much more.  This will be one that we will have to watch very closely as the rounds begin to dwindle.

Tyler Waguespack Splits Round Two In The Steer Wrestling 

Photo Credit: PRCA Rodeo / Dan Hubbell

Last night, in round one, the steer wrestling event gave every one of the fans watching live inside of Globe Life Stadium, those watching from Texas LIVE, and those watching at home something to get excited about.  Coming into the start of the 2020 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, no one knew how the new arena layout would affect the contestants or the stock but the big boys of professional rodeo came to play.  All those involved with putting on this year’s WNFR thought that the times would be longer and the times would not match what we are accustomed to seeing in Las Vegas but that was far from the truth as we saw a three-way split of the round win with 3.9-second runs.

Tonight, the jitters began to fade and the unknowingness of what to expect had subsided and these very same men, again, put forth an effort that left the crowd watching in amazement and wanting more.  Once the steer wrestling started you could tell that every one of the cowboys in round two came in feeling great from a shortened season which gave their bodies time to heal up from the season run.  Tonight, it was Tyler Waguespack and Bridger Anderson who would take center stage by putting down a monster 3.8 second runs inside of the Globe Life Stadium and would take the round two win to be able to head over to Texas LIVE! to walk across the stage and claim his Montana Silversmith Go-Round Winner’s buckle.

Marty Yates Wins Second Consecutive Round At The 2020 WNFR

Photo Credit: Missoulian

Tie-down roping is all about quick hands and the bond between animal and human which was on display throughout the entire round both last night and tonight here in round two as well.  Last night, the top five in the world laid down runs that showed some flaws which gave a chance for those further down in the pack to gain some needed points in the world title race.  The only man that would be able to take advantage of the slips at the top would be home-state cowboy Marty Yates who resides just about an hour or so down the road in Stephenville.  He would be able to bring home the round one win and gain 6,000 world title race points for his efforts.

Tonight, in round two, we began to pay a little more attention to how the two different starting locations may affect the top fifteen cowboys that came to Texas vying for the world title.  Not much has been said about this but it is something that these rodeo athletes and their equine partners needed to get used to as they continue to work through the process of learning this new arena set up.  Tonight, it would be, once again, Marty Yates who would be able to put it all together and figure out how to handle all the changes that were placed in front of him to earn the round two win.  He would do so with a nice 7.2-second run that would earn him a nice sized check and a fancy go-round belt buckle and a move to number two in the world.

Round Two Winners From The 2020 WNFR:


Round Winner: Tanner Aus (86.50)

2002 WNFR Average Leader: Cole Reiner (171.00/2)

World Title Leader:  Tim O’Connell


Steer Wrestling:

Round Winner(s): Bridger Anderson & Tyler Wasuespack (3.8 Seconds)

2002 WNFR Average Leader: Tyler Waguespack (8.1 Seconds/2)

World Title Leader:  Matt Reeves


Team Roping:

Round Winners: Dustin Egusquiza & Travis Graves (3.8 Seconds)

2002 WNFR Average Leaders: Dustin Egusquiza & Travis Graves (8.7 Seconds/2)

World Title Leaders: Dustin Egusquiza & Travis Graves


Saddle Bronc Riding:

Round Winner: Ryder Wright (90.00)

2002 WNFR Average Leader: Ryder Wright (175.50/2)

World Title Leader:  Wyatt Casper


Tie-Down Roping:

Round Winner: Marty Yates (7.2 Seconds)

2002 WNFR Average Leader: Marty Yates (14.3 Seconds/2)

World Title Leader:  Shad Mayfield


Barrel Racing:

Round Winner: Jimmie Smith (17.04 Seconds)

2002 WNFR Average Leader: Hailey Kinsel (34.27 Seconds/2)

World Title Leader: Hailey Kinsel


Bull Riding:

Round Winner: Stetson Dell Wright (88.50)

2002 WNFR Average Leader: Stetson Dell Wright (179.00/2)

World Title Leader:  Ky Hamilton

After an exciting two rounds of action, there is a lot of attention on the world title races this year as they are as close as they ever have been, allowing anything to happen at any given point throughout the ten days of action here in Texas!  Each night the PRCA will be putting out what the world title races look like at the conclusion of each round and we will be sharing that with you in the above graphic.  That being said, many times it takes a bit for them to get that together so we will add that in as soon as we receive it each night or the morning following the conclusion of each round.  This will be another fun way to interact in a very different year as we all enjoy the 2020 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo!

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