The Controversy Continues Regarding The Ground At The WNFR


There has always been concerns about the safety of the arena footing inside the Thomas & Mack during the 10-day run of the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association’s Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.  This year that the 57th annual event that single issues has reigned supreme over all other concerns.  We have talked to some of the barrel racing contestants and continue to try and receive information in to be able to share their takes with you on the condition of the ground.


Fallon Taylor Slips Around A  During A Run In 2015

It is interesting that many of the top barrel racers in the country come and perform at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo and continue to have so many concerns for the safety of them and their horses.  The media has access to each of the top fifteen ladies in the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association and we feel they are bound by rules and regulations not to discuss their thoughts about this topic while at the WNFR.  I have some private interviews set up this week and will get answers to this issue directly from some of the top barrel racers in the world.

Social media can be a huge way to raise awareness as to the concerns rodeo fans and contestants alike have about the safety and condition of the Thomas & Mack ground during the WNFR.  Like I said earlier, the contestants are bound by what they can say about it in the media room but it is hard to stop what they do throughout social media and in interviews done away from the arena and on their own personal time.  We have a couple of those exclusive interviews in the next couple of days out here in Las Vegas and will bring them to you shortly after they happen!

Barrel story

There is a social media platform petition that has been started and shared across the facebook world which has gained some major attention from rodeo fans and athletes alike.  It is quite easy to show your support and voice your concerns regarding the issue of ground safety by simply going to the petition link here and signing it electronically.  Many of the WNFR barrel racing contestants are liking, signing and/or following this link as well.  Both 2014 World Champion Fallon Taylor and her family have been huge advocates of this issue and have taken a stance as part of this petition as well!

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