The 2019 PBR Season Kicks Off In New York

Now that the holiday season has concluded we can begin looking forward to the moment that we have all been waiting for as the 2019 Professional Bull Riders Monster Energy Unleash The Beast Elite Tour is moments away from beginning.  Although there will be much to cheer about you will notice some changes in the line-up both inside of the arena and out as injuries, surgeries and retirements will change the look of things early on in the season.  Along with all of that, eyes will also be on J.B. Mauney as he begins his journey inside of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association as well as trying to stay healthy and competitive within the ranks of the top bull riders in the world in the PBR too.  That being said, there will be a lot to watch and keep track of as the 2019 PBR season begins in New York this weekend.

As the season begins, one of those changes that you will see on our end of the coverage is that we will switch from round by round coverage to complete event coverage at the end of each event.  Even though we will not be doing round coverage this year you will still get all of the information that you are used to finding here at the Rodeo Round Up within the vent coverage story.  We will still give you ride results from each round, a recap of each round with a photo of each round winner along with the overall event champion all in one fantastic article.  We always strive to bring you all what you expect to see here at the Rodeo Round-Up and hope that you will still find that the coverage you expect will live up to your expectations but as the year progresses we can begin to look at changing things on an as-needed basis!

Cannon Cravens and Jess Lockwood Split The Round One Win

Photo Credit: Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

Round one of the “Buck Off At The Garden” which kicked off the 2019 Professional Bull Rides Unleash The Beast Tour provided the best bull riding action that we expect to see week in and week out as we travel across the nation.  As the top bull riders in the world dusted off their bull ropes and chaps, everyone watching at home, in attendance or even on the road were waiting in anticipation to see who would take the early lead and earn the first round win of the new season.  Once things were all said and done there would be a cool nineteen riders that would manage to make the eight-second whistle for the first time in the 2019 PBR season.  At the end of the night, there would be a world champion and a newcomer that would split the round win and head into Saturday night riding a high wave of confidence.  Cannon Cravens and Jess Lockwood would top the leaderboard with huge 88.25 point rides.  This weekend’s event is the first PBR Major of the season and historically the winner of this event has earned a world title at the end of the season so we will all have to wait and see if history will repeat itself in 2019 once again!

Emilio Resende & Stetson Lawrence Split The Round Two Win In New York City

Photo Credit: Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

After an intense round one last night, the 2019 Professional Bull Riders Monster Energy Unleash The Beast Tour kicked off in grand fashion leaving everyone wanting more as round two was set to begin inside of Madison Square Gardens.  Coming into tonight’s round two performance many fans thought that the nineteen rides that were made would be an early season highlight and would be hard to top here in New York City.  Although that is what the fans thought, the cowboys in the locker room came out with guns a blazing again to put up ANOTHER nineteen ride night, making history inside of the arena floor.  Coming out of all the excitement for the second night in a row would be yet another two that would again split the round two round with 87.25 point rides.  Both Stetson Lawrence and Emilio Resende would take top honors as they would head into Championship Sunday both with two qualified rides on the books, looking to secure a PBR Major event title here in New York City!

Chase Outlaw & Cody Jesus Are Victorious In Round Three

Photo Credit: Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

If anyone says that the 2019 Professional Bull Riders Monster Energy Unleash The Beast Tour did not kick off in an amazing way they obviously have not been watching this weekend and are not a true fan of the sport that we all love.  The action that we have witnessed in both the first and second rounds have been undeniably one of the greatest starts to a season that we can remember as nineteen riders in both rounds were able to make it to the eight-second buzzer.  That being said, Championship Sunday is upon us and by the end of the day, we will crown the first event champion of the 2019 season along with giving credit to two more round winners here in New York City.  As round three began, we would all hope to see the fortunes of the first two days continue for the top bull riders in the world as they would go head to head with the bovine athletes that were placed underneath of them.  After all was said and done, there would be another twelve riders that would add to the astounding qualified ride totals we have seen here this weekend.  All were lead by the solid 8.25 point rides that Chase Outlaw and Cody Jesus would be able to accomplish aboard their bovine counterparts to split the round three win yet again at Madison Square Gardens.

Jess Lockwood Claims The First Championship Round Win Of 2019

Photo Credit: Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

Following a long and hard fought battle over the last three days, the time had come for the top fifteen bull riders from the first event of the 2019 Professional Bull Riders Monster Energy Unleash The Beast Tour’s Buck Off At The Garden to compete for the event title and a PBR Major event win.  Just getting into the Championship Round here this weekend was a fest in itself after a record-breaking performance by the top bull riders in the world but for the fifteen that stayed alive, the time was now to put forth their best efforts.  After the dust settled and the action concluded, the man on top of the mountain in the Championship Round would be Jess Lockwood who would ride his bull Prayer Warrior owned by Halpain & Roth to the eight-second buzzer to the tune of 91.75 points that would cap off an amazing weekend for the young man after going a perfect 4-for-4 and earning a total of 351.00 points on four bulls.

Round By Round Rides From New York City:

Round One:

Cannon Cravens & Jess Lockwood (88.25)

Chase Outlaw (87.25)

Matt Triplett & Claudio Montanha Jr. (86.25)

Cody Teel & Cody Nance (86.00)

Alisson De Souza (85.50)

Luciano De Castro (85.00)

Jose Vitor Leme (83.75)

Chase Robbins (83.50)

Lonnie West (83.25)

Brennon Eldred (83.00)

Emilio Resende (82.50)

Cody Jesus (82.25)

Ramon de Lima & Stetson Lawrence (82.00)

Keyshawn Whitehorse (79.25)

Marco Eguchi (72.25)

Round Two:

Stetson Lawrence & Emilio Resende (87.25)

Rubens Barbosa (86.75)

Jess Lockwood & Colten Jesse (86.50)

Keyshawn Whitehorse, J.B. Mauney & Tanner Byrne (86.25)

Eduardo Aparecido (85.75)

Cody Jesus & Ramon De Lima (84.75)

Chase Outlaw & Sean Willingham (84.50)

Luciano De Castro & Claudio Montanha Jr. (84.00)

Marco Eguchi (83.50)

Alisson De Souza & Nathan Burtenshaw (82.25)

Cody Nance (81.75)

Round Three:

Cody Jesus & Chase Outlaw (87.25)

Francisco Morales (86.75)

Matt Triplett (86.50)

Ryan Dirteater (86.25)

Cannon Cravens (86.00)

Cody Teel & Allison De Souza (85.50)

Eduardo Aparecido (85.25)

Jess Lockwood (85.00)

Claudio Montanha Jr. (84.75)

Stetson Lawrence (83.75)

Championship Round:

Jess Lockwood (91.75)

Cannon Cravens (89.75)

Claudio Montanha Jr. (89.25)

Matt Triplett (88.75)

Luciano De Castro (88.00)

Alisson De Souza (86.75)

Ramon de Lima (86.50)

Cody Teel (85.50)

Jose Vitor Leme Earns The 15/15 Bucking Battle Win IN NYC

Photo Credit: Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

If the action from the Buck Off At The Gardens event was not enough for the faint of heart, the fans watching live, on Ride Pass or on CBS Sports Network had the opportunity to watch another fantastic round of action as the first 15/15 Bucking Battle took place in New York City.  For those of you that may be new to the sport, the 15/15 Bucking Battle pairs the top fifteen bull riders in the world standings against top-tier bovine athletes.  Each competes for a chance to earn some extra money, and more importantly, some extra world title race points that can make all the difference late in the year.  This weekend, the 15/15 Bucking Battle saw a third of those competing, five in total, be able to make it to the eight-second mark to earn some extra points and a pocket full of money for their efforts.  After all was said and done, it would be Brazillian Jose Vitor Leme that would outlast all others to earn the win with a huge 91.25 point ride aboard legendary bucking bull Cochise, a proud family member of the Jane Clark / Gene Owen clan of bovine athletes!

Jess Lockwood Is The 2019 Buck Off At The Garden PBR Major Event Champion

Photo Credit: Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

The kick off to the 2019 Professional Bull Riders Monster Energy Unleash The Beast season was one for the record books as the first PBR Major of the year, the Buck Off At The Garden, invaded New York City again.  No one quite knew what to expect but that quickly was answered as we all were able to witness a record-breaking weekend of the best bull riding action that you can see on the face of the earth.  After a long and grueling three-day event one man would manage to outlast all of the others to take the early season world standings lead and hope that statistics carry him to a world title at the end of the year.  New York would be one to remember for Jess Lockwood who would cap off a 4-for-4 weekend to earn the event win and leave New York City with $118,350.00 and a whopping 895 world title race points!

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