The 2019 PBR Global Cup Concludes At AT&T Stadium

After a fantastic start to the 2019 Professional Bull Riders Global Cup last night, everyone began filing into the AT&T Stadium hoping to see much more of the same here on Sunday afternoon as the second and final day begins that will close out this year’s United States event.  Last night, we were able to see twenty qualified rides, but that is not what the big picture is all about here this weekend but about how many qualified rides each country’s team can put up on the board to ear t most overall points with up to twelve qualified rides being counted.  Last night, Brazil would post up seven followed by the USA Eagles and Wolves with four and then Mexico, Australia, and Canada in that order.  Hopefully, Team Canada can turn the train around after only making one qualified ride on the first day of competition.

Along with fantastic rides and team celebrations, there also comes injuries that can be sustained within the sport of professional bull riding and we, unfortunately, had to witness a few of those last night that would change the look of some teams as alternates would be called up.  One of those injuries we had to watch last night was that of world number one Jess Lockwood sustaining a broken left collarbone and will be replaced by the five-time PRCA World Champion Sage Kimzey.  While other strategies play out we will also see some changes to Team Mexico, Team Brazil and Team Australia, leaving Team Wolves the only team that will not make any changes for the second and final day of action to determine who will walk out of the United States with AT&T Stadium dirt in their sphere as it adds to the history of the Global Cup trophy!

The Global Cup Trophy Is Up For Grabs On Sunday Afternoon

Photo Credit: PBR

Each and every year, the best bull riders from five countries converge on one arena to determine who has the best bull riders in the world and that is all part of the history that the Global Cup brings to the table each year.  As the Global Cup trophy makes its way to the United States soil for the first time, two home country teams compete against each other in hopes of winning it in front of their very own fans but that may be a daunting task with the other athletes they must fight against.  Coming into the second and final day, Team Brazil looks to carry on the tradition of keeping the cup for themselves as they are a full three bulls ahead of the two United States teams, Team Eagles and Team Wolves, while largely leaving the other three teams in the dust, almost without a hope of any chance at all of leaving AT&T Stadium with the Global Cup.

Ryan Dirteater Rides To The Top Combined Score Of The Weekend

Photo Credit: Jeana Wilson Kilcrease

Although the Global Cup title and trophy are the main focus of what is up for grabs here this weekend in Arlington, Texas, there is still another distinction that is quietly up for grabs for each of the cowboys participating here this weekend as well.  Even if a cowboy is on a losing team he will still have the opportunity to earn a cool $30,000 to line his pockets with just by putting out the best effort of all competitors here at AT&T Stadium.  That being said, you can see why every cowboy competing are putting out the extra little efforts they are finding, not only to bring home the title of Global Cup champions for their home countries but also for the chance to walk out of the weekend as the top point scorer and leave Texas with a little bit of extra money to make this weekend even that much more special to them.  This weekend that man that we would talk about in dominating fashion would be non-other than U.S.A. Team Wolves team member Ryan Dirteater who would outlast all others to take home that huge cash prize and knowing he fared better than every other cowboy at the 2019 Global Cup inside of AT&T Stadium!

Jose Vitor Leme Rides To The Top Ride Score Of The Weekend

Photo Credit: Jeana Wilson Kilcrease

Even with all of the hype that the Global Cup brings to the countries it visits each and every year, there are a few underlying things that can get missed and go unnoticed throughout the two-day event that we would like to take time to point out to you all.  One of those instances is that of how the top bull riders in the world perform individually as they try to bring home the Global Cup win for their very own country.  Over two days of action, each cowboy has the chance to climb aboard four bucking bulls while a majority of them will receive two chances.  In a feature that we will call the Performance Ride Of The Weekend, The Rodeo Round Up Team would like to congratulate Jose Vitor Leme on earning the high point marked ride of the weekend after staying aboard his bovine opponent for eight seconds to the tune of a huge 90 point ride score, making history as the first 90 point ride in Global Cup history!

Complete Breakdown Of The Action From Night Number Two:

Team Wolves:

Ryan Dirteater (83.50) – Section Two

Colten Jesse (85.25) – Section Three

Cody Jesus (88.50) – Section Five

Ryan Dirteater (89.25) – Bonus Round Section Two

(691.25 Total Points)


Team Eagles:

Brennon Eldred (81.00) – Section One

Cody Teel (87.00) – Section Two

Sage Kimzey (87.75) – Section Four

Cooper Davis (88.00) – Section Five

Chase Outlaw (86.00) – Section Six

Cody Nance (87.00) – Section Seven

(867.00 Total Points)


Team Mexico:

Juan Carlos Contreras (80.50) – Section Three

Francisco Garcia Torres (86.75) – Section Six

(337.75 Total Points)


Team Australia:

Brady Fielder (85.25) – Section Two

Cliff Richarson (85.00) – Section Three

Lachlan Richardson (88.00) – Section Four

Cody Heffernan (86.50) – Section Five

(514.25 Total Points)


Team Brazil:

Bruno Scaranello (83.75) – Section Two

Eduardo Aparecido (84.25) – Section Three

Joao Ricardo Vieira (86.50) – Section Four

Jose Vitor Leme (89.25) – Section Seven

(939.25 Total Points)


Team Canada:

Dakota Buttar (86.00) – Section Two

Jordan Hansen (85.00) – Section Five

(258.00 Total Points)

Team Brazil Are Your 2019 PBR Global Cup Champions

Photo Credit: Jeana Wilson Kilcrease

Coming into the second day of action, it all but seemed that Team Brazil was in the driver’s seat to complete their own destiny as they looked to be the only team that would even have a chance to fill all twelve available scores for their team, essentially handing the 2019 title to that country for the second year in a row.  After going 7-for-9 last night, Team Brazil came in riding a high wave of momentum looking to cap off a dominating weekend here at AT&T Stadium.  Once day two began we would sit back and watch much more of the same as the defending Global Cup champions, Team Brazil, would come in on cruise control and place the arena dirt from AT&T Stadium in their sphere on top of the Global Cup trophy they came in defending.  Moving forward, they look like they are unstoppable as we continue through the rest of the 2019 PBR Monster Energy Unleash The Beast Tour season.

Closing Thoughts

After a long and grueling weekend of professional bull riding action, many of the top bull riders in the world will be leaving Arlington, Texas banged up, bruised and broken but the spirit that the Global Cup event brings to the five countries will continue to write its own legacy.  Speaking of legacy, the Rodeo Round Up team are writing ou own version after introducing you to another new member of our team we are all excited to introduce you to our newest member and media correspondant Kat Fell.  We can not say enough about what whe will bring to our team in the future and would like to thank our entire team that made the trek to Texas to cover this exciting event as it hit United States soil for the very first time.  Between our amazing photographer Jeana Wilson-Kilcrease and Kat Fell handling a majority of the interviews, we are proud to say we have brought another exciting event to a close and get ready for the remainder of the 2019 PBR season!

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