The 2017 PBR’s St. Louis Invitational Leaves The Bull Riders Stunned This Weekend

After two round of qualifying competition here in St. Louis this weekend the feeling has been pretty unbearable for the top 35 bull riders in the world.  Just a week out from a huge event in Arlington, Texas the “Major Let Down” has taken its toll on these athletes competing here at the St. Louis Invitational.  Over the first two rounds in as many days, there have only been a total of 20 qualified rides, 11 on Friday and 9 on Saturday, heading into this afternoon’s round three.

Coming into today’s third qualifying round the field of 15 moving on to the championship round was barely filled as only 16 bull riders have posted a score.  That being said, this leaves the field wide open heading into this afternoon for a bull rider to have a great day and be able to advance forward on one eight-second ride here this afternoon.  It will be interesting to see how things play out as the third round are once again filled with some great bovine power that we have seen over the first two rounds which proved to be more than many of these cowboys could handle!

Matt Triplett Takes Home The Round Three Win In St. Louis

Photo Credit:  Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

The round three performance here this afternoon will give these top 35 bull riders in the world the same feeling they have had over the first two rounds earlier this weekend.  Each and every one of these bull riders in the locker room are hoping to turn the tides their way and change the outcome of what the first two rounds looked like.  This will not be an easy task as, just like other three-day events, the third round is made up of the top performing bulls from the first two rounds.

Once the dust settled and the star aligned we would all find out who would be able to squeak out a qualified ride in the third and final qualifying round of the St. Louis Invitational.  Even though the bovine athletes have taken center stage here thus far this weekend there were 10 of those 35 bull riders competing that would be able to earn a score in round three.  That being said, there was only one that would have the honor of posting the high score of the round and advance to the championship round.  Matt Triplett would post up an 87.25 point mark aboard J.A.R.S Bucking Bulls/Gene Owen’s Coopers Comet to win the round and head to the championship round on a high note!

Complete List Of Round Three Qualified Rides Posted Below:

                                                   Matt Triplett (87.25)                               Ryan Dirteater (86.00)

                                                   Chase Oulaw (85.25)                               Silvano Alves (85.50)

                                                   Cody Rodeo Tyler (84.75)                      Mason Lowe (84.25)

                                                   Luciano De Castro (82.25)                    Kaique Pacheo (82.50)

                                                  Guilherme Marchi (81.00)                     Dener Barbosa (75.75)

Kaique Pacheco Dominates The Championship Round In St. Louis

Photo Credit: Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

When the qualifying rounds concluded here earlier this afternoon we would have to endure a short break as the injuries were assessed and the official field of 15 for the championship round was introduced.  The sold out crowd waiting in anticipation as the iconic draft was about to take place atop of the shark cage in the center of the Scottrade Center Arena on this Sunday afternoon.  The weekend has been hard on the cowboys thus far and would continue to cause problems as the final round of the afternoon progressed.

Nearly every cowboy that exited the arena floor here this afternoon was either limping or holding some other body part in pain, keeping the Justin Sports Medicine folks extremely busy this weekend.  Once all was said and done there would be only a total of 1 of the 15 bull riders competing in the Championship Round that would manage to earn a qualified ride and post a score up on the board.  The man coming out on top in the Championship Round would be Kaique Pacheco who would ride Folds/Strickland ‘s Lester Gillis to the tune of 88.75 points and receive the 100 championship points that went along with it!

Image result for Kaique Pacheco celebrates

Kaique Pacheco Celebrates His 2017 St. Louis Invitational Win

Photo Credit: Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

This weekend’s St. Louis Invitational was tough on the top bull riders in the world, both mentally and physically, as they bucking bulls of the Professional Bull Riders Built Ford Tough Series showed off their talents throughout the weekend.  Although the bulls proved dominate, there were moments of greatness on the cowboy side of things throughout the weekend as well.  Once all the bulls were bucked and the stage was set, it was time for the crowning ceremony of the 2017 St. Louis Invitational to begin.

Atop of the shark cage placed in the center of the arena was in-arena announcer Matt West along with the Monster Energy Girls Ashley and Magna.  Taking the walk across the arena floor and up the ramp would be a young man that did everything right this weekend nd left all the other competitors in the dust.  Kaique Pacheco, who would go an astounding 4-for-4, would stand taller than the rest as the St. Louis Invitational Champion.  He would be able to put up 339.25 points on four head of bucking bulls to outlast all others here this weekend!

Now that this weekend is behind us all, we can look ahead to traveling to the great Southeast as the Sunshine State of Florida plays host to the PBR Built Ford Tough Series next weekend.  After a lackluster performance here in Missouri this weekend the cowboys look to rebound in a big way next week.  I would like to thank Terry Good and SmithPro for taking some fantastic photographs this weekend and offering to share them with our team here at the Rodeo Round Up.  We look forward to continue our partnerships with them moving forward in the 2017 bull riding and pro rodeo seasons.

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