Thackerville Makes Changes To The PBR World Standings As It Draws To A Close

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Last night’s round one performance underneath the lights in Thackerville, Oklahoma was one that many of the loyal fans of the Professional Bull Riders Built Ford Tough Series will not soon forget.  Just about a third of the top 35 riders in the world managed to conquer their bovine opponents which kept today’s final rounds wide open for anyone to take home the win.  The main question remains that did J.B. Mauney hurt his chances at claiming his third world title or did it not make any difference as we head later into the second half of the season.

The two rounds tonight will cement  the fact that the young up and coming superstar would leave the WinStar Casino and Resort sitting in number one in the world.  After round one, just 24 hours ago, Cooper Davis achieved his dream of sitting in the number one spot in the PBR World Standings.  Heading into tonight’s final rounds Davis sits just a mere two points ahead of Brazilian sensation Kaique Pacheco which will make this event’s final rounds very interesting for everyone in attendance and watching across the world on PBR Live!

Eduardo Aparecido 87.25

Eduardo Aparecido Claims The Round Two Win

Photo Credit:  Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

As round two’s opening ceremonies began earlier tonight you could feel the tension in the air as the top 35 bull riders in the world would be chasing two fairly new elite PBR superstars.  Both Kaique Pacheco and Cooper Davis were the main focal points as they battled throughout the weekend to see who would leave sitting in the number one position in the world while others were hoping just to gain some much needed points.  After things were said and done it would be Cooper Davis who would be the one to leave with everyone chasing him as the top bull rider in the world by a measly 19 points.

The point battle to claim one of the top 35  spots in the world standings is as close as ever as we head into  November and the 2016  PBR World Finals!  That being said the action was intense and it would be non other than Eduardo Aparecido who would tame his opponent Ravenscroft/Vos/Boyd-Floyd’s Mustache Sally to take home the round two win and catapult him into the Championship round that would happen later in the day.  The two combined for a solid 87.25 point ride that sent the fans into a frenzy looking forward as to what was about to happen.

round recap

Complete List Of Round Two Qualified Rides:

                                      Eduardo Aparecido (87.25)                                     Gage Gay (86.50)

                                      Cody Nance (85.75)                                                     Kaique Pacheco (85.50)

                                      Shane Proctor (85.25)                                               Mike Lee (85.00)

                                      Tyler Harr (84.75)                                                       Lachlan Richardson (84.50)

                                      Stetson Lawrence (83.25)                                        Silvano Alves (83.25)

                                      Derek Kolbaba (83.00)                                             Guilherme Marchi (82.50)

                                      Luis Blanco (82.00)                                                   Mason Lowe (79.75)

Kaique Pacheco 87.25

 Takes Home The Championship Round Win

Photo Credit:  Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

Once the field was set it would be the top fifteen bull riders from the previous two round who would compete to see who would be crowned event champion.  Along with that there was one other huge elephant in the room as everyone waited to find out what the new world standings leader board would look like.  Once the score and points went through the official process it was determined that Cooper Davis would leave Thackerville sitting atop the revised world standings leader board.

All that being said, the focus around the outdoor arena floor was what happened in the Championship Round.  After a grueling round only 5 of the top bull riders in the world would be able to do what they had to do to earn a qualified ride on this fateful Sunday night!  Once the action concluded it would be Kaique Pacheco who would best the other 4 bull riders to earn the WinStar Casino and Resort win  for 2016.  This round win kept him solidly in the number two position in the current world standings.


Guilherme Marchi Celebrates His Event Win in Thackerville

Photo Credit:  Andy Watson /Bull Stock Media

After the last bull was cleared and the excitement grew to a new level it was time to crown the champion bull rider from the WinStar World Casino and Resort Invitational.  As the in arena announcers made their way to the top of the shark cage in the center of the arena they were ready to introduce everyone to the top bull rider of the event.  Tonight that would be none other than the veteran Brazilian rider Guilherme Marchi as he walked up the ramp to claim his buckle.

This weekend was about as intense of an event that we have seen so far this year.  Every time we head to Thackerville the cowboys and bucking stock alike seem to take their performance up to a new level. Now until the end of the season each event will get more and more tense as we inch closer to filling all of the top 35 spots in the world who will earn a change to compete inside of the T-Mobile Arena.  Join us next week as we bring our coverage to to the great city of Springfield, Missouri.

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As we all look back to a fantastic weekend here in Thackerville, Oklahoma I truly believe that the fans here in attendance and those watching from home witnessed your next world champion bull rider put on a clinic for the third week in a row.  It will be interesting to see of American superstar and keep the engines going throughout the rest of the season and stand atop the shark tank in Las Vegas to accept his first world championship title.  The saga will continue next week as we all head back to the Midwest and travel to Springfield, Missouri for the Invitational!

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