The Texas Proposal To Host The WNFR Has Been Made Public

Editors Note:  I have received information regarding all three proposals and what is and is not included in them.  I received a call from the Media Relations Department of the PRCA and Jim Bainbridge explains the differences in how each of them are written.  I strive to make sure that the Rodeo Round Up covers facts of the matter and would like to include Mr. Bainbridge’s statement.  He states, ” The total numbers cited in the Dallas bid report erroneously included production costs, marketing dollars and hotel rooms, none of which was included in the figures reported for Las Vegas or Osceola County.  When you compare the three bids side by side, they were all very comparable.”  It seems that each proposal is about equal if you look at everything that is included and not included. 

Please understand that this story is written on the information that was given to me by the folks in Texas that were close to the negotiations.  If and when I receive any other information I will share that just as I am doing in this story.  Thank you all for your understanding as I am trying to get each person’s side to the story and try to report facts.  I welcome any comments or concerns and if I find facts that I report are not completely true I step up and fix it ASAP.

I would like to thank each and every one of you that have voiced your concerns and to Jim Bainbridge for the telephone call.  I am hoping to receive the other two bids in due time so everyone can have all the facts before them to see where everything lies.

There has been a ton of speculation and talk about the Texas proposal story I posted a couple days ago.  Folks can not and do not believe that the amount of money I reported was actually fact of the matter as to what it looked like on paper.  I have received the actual paper proposal that was given to the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association to be considered for hosting the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.

cecil bell jr

Texas State Representative Cecil Bell Jr.

Texas State Representative Cecil Bell, Jr. who was one of the main players and directly involved with the negotiations released a statement along with the actual proposal.  He says, “I am constantly fielding calls and answering questions about the proposal to host the NFR in Dallas. I have been advised that the numbers from that proposal can be released to the public qualified and acknowledged that we in Texas fully respect and support the right of the PRCA, its Board and membership to make any decision it deems to be in the interests of the PRCA, the contestants and the fans. God bless cowboys, cowgirls and… GOD BLESS TEXAS!”.  Himself along with many others worked tirelessly to bring the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo to the great state of Texas but it was ultimately voted on to be held at its current location, Las Vegas.

Kirby Cannon, second generation bareback rider and brother to WNFR Qualifier Clint Cannon, who was one of the people to get all the talk started in Texas and was one of the folks working hard to make sure the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo returned to Texas had this to say after the announcement as well, “I am shocked after all the hard work put in by our group that the board decided this, there is major explaining to do.”  There are many questions that a lot of people have regarding this decision and I look for the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association to come out with some sort explanation very shortly.

For those of you that doubted or just plain did not believe the offer that Texas had on the table I am including a copy of it for your viewing pleasure.  From what this says, The Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association left at least, at a minimum, 3.2 million dollars on the table with the possibility of more.  I remind you that no one has seen the actual paper proposals from the other two cities but we all hope to in the near future.  You all can come to your own conclusions but this is the actual paper proposal given to the board of directors from the city of Dallas and the state of Texas.


I hope that this will put to rest any doubt that folks may have had about my earlier story.  I strive to do the best and report exactly what is found to be a fact and hope to continue doing that for all of you in the future.  I thank each and every one of you for follow The Rodeo Round Up and look forward to making things bigger and better in the near future!

Here is a link to the PDF file which may make it easier to read.  TEXAS PROPOSAL TO PRCA FOR NFR 2015







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  1. Kim Rogers Avatar
    Kim Rogers

    They have failed repeatedly to provide the membership with unbiased leadership…..the prca is an organiztation of professional athletes…not a denim promotion. They lost Houston….Calgary…..and. many smaller venues, and have so far failed to. recover any of them. No wonder there’s a lack of confidence….had these issues been addressed we wouldn’t be having this discussion. Stressman is wranglers man….his loyalty is to the clothing company…..not the cowboys. If this doesn’t change there WILL be a new association…..and rightfully so.

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