Springfield Leaves The Top Bull Riders In The World Shaken

As Championship Sunday’s sun rose high an uneasy feeling surrounded the Missouri State University campus as the final rounds of the Professional Bull Riders Built Ford Tough Series PFIWestern.com Invitational was upon us.  Once the doors opened and the loyal fans began to file into the arena the talk of the town was all about the few rides and and fantastic bull power that they have seen over the first two nights of action.  Over the last couple of weeks many have noticed and commented on the seemingly lack of heart that the top 35 bull riders in the world are showing.  Speculations are abundant from hidden injuries to making sure some of those within range of a world championship title stay healthy for the PBR World Finals this November in Las Vegas.

Once the fans received their day sheets and made their needed notes and picks the overall feeling was that we would again see very few rides here in round three.  This feeling was quickly verified once the match-ups were revealed for the third and final qualifying round.  The bovine power that we saw this afternoon was the same that gave these competitors all that they could handle in round one as the American Bucking Bull Inc. (ABBI) Classic bulls were out again.  These three and four year old buckers may be young but the breeding lines run deep as we have all seen over the 2017 season!

Dener Barbosa Claims Victory In Round Three And Moves On To The Championship Round

Photo Credit: Rokin’ K Photos / Jeana Wilson-Kilcrease

If we want to talk about what complete domination is we need to look no further than what we all witnessed earlier on this weekend in round one as the ABBI Classic bulls took center stage.  Each and every time the top 35 bull riders in the world face this pen of bovine buckers they seem to have nothing but problems earning qualified rides.  Tonight, these contestants looked to turn the tide back their way and regain the confidence that they have been lacking over the last few weeks.  In this afternoon’s third round we would have another look at this pen of three and four year old bucking bulls that come from some great blood lines that include a son to the world champion bucking bull Bushwacker.  Knowing what lies ahead the nerves inside of the locker room were at an all-time high.

Once the third round began everyone could tell that many of the bull riders here were riding in pain after a long and stressful weekend and nothing could change that feeling here this afternoon.  Just like many tines this season, the young up and coming bovine athletes acted as if they were sick, throwing up cowboys every time you looked down to the arena floor.  Much like round one the rides were very few and far between as only 2 were able to make it to the eight second buzzer.  After the dust settled it would be the Brazilian Dener Barbosa who would leave round three with 100 world title race points with a solid 85.75 point ride atop of K-C Bucking Bulls/Nothin’ But Try Ranch’s Trump Train sending him into the championship round feeling fresh and looking to take home the event title later on in the afternoon!

Complete List Of Round Three Qualified Rides:

                                                                                                                        Dener Barbosa (85.75)                                   Kaique Pacheco (84.75)

Dener Barbosa Reigns Supreme To Take Home The Championship Round Win In Springfield

Photo Credit: Rokin’ K Photos / Jeana Wilson-Kilcrease

Coming into the third round earlier on this afternoon there were only eleven of the thirty-five bull riders here this weekend that would manage to carry a score into today’s action.  That being said, once the dust settled and the arena cleared only two more riders would join that group filling out the championship round that everyone had been waiting for all weekend long.  The top ten riders from the weekend walked to the top of the shark cage in the center of the arena and chose their poison as the championship round bull draft began.  Today’s match-ups would most likely present very few rides on paper but those that would manage to earn a score could set the crowd into a frenzy while putting up huge numbers and snapping the slump that these guys have been in.

After the bulls were matched up with their respective riders it was time to get down to business to see who would be crowned the event champion here in Springfield, Missouri.  One by one each of the top fifteen riders from the first three rounds took their turn climbing down inside of the chute and giving it a go to earn a qualified ride.  Once things were all said and done there would be, once again, two of those cowboys that would be able to best their bovine counterparts and put some points up on the leader board.  With that said, only one could take home the round win and today that man would be round three winner Dener Barbosa for the second straight round.  After earning a respectable 86.50 point score aboard Broken Arrow Bucking Bulls’ Black Rose the celebration commenced and the 100 world title race points were placed next to his name, thus, setting him up nicely as we begin the final push towards the PBR World Finals!

Cooper Davis Celebrates His 2017 PFIWestern.com Invitational Win

Photo Credit: Rokin’ K Photos / Jeana Wilson-Kilcrease

After the last bull was bucked and the scores from the weekend were calculated it was time to do what everyone inside of the JQH Arena was waiting for, the crowning of the 2017 event champion.  Although the rides were few and far between there are always a few that take advantage of the mishaps of those ahead of them.  This weekend was no different as there were a handful of big moves in the world standings as well as some untimely injuries to a few of those around the top of the world standings as well.  That being said, there has to be one that would make their way across the arena floor to accept the new Montana Silversmith belt buckle, their new pair of Ariat boots and the huge payday that the other thirty-four were striving to receive over the past three days of competition.

This weekend there would be one man that would prove that a world championship title that he received just one year ago was not a fluke as Cooper Davis would leave Springfield as the talk of the town and a little higher up on the world standings leader board.  When everything was said and done the ceremonious walk to the top of the shark cage would be done by non other than the reigning and defending PBR World Champion Cooper Davis who would take home a huge total of 700 world title race points and the swagger to go along with it.  He began this weekend full of energy and a clear mind which showed as he was solid throughout the entire weekend.  As we head to Texas next weekend we could be looking at a new world leader and many names that we have not seen very often within the top 35 bull riders in the world!

This weekend was another exhausting tour stop for the top 35 bull rider on the Built Ford Tugh Series as the ABBI Classic bulls continued to cause problems among the riders in Springfield.  That being said, the focus now shifts to Austin, Texas as we begin the Wrangler’s Long Live Cowboys Classic and the Rodeo Round Up will be covering all of the action from the Frank Erwin Center to bring you all the updates and breaking stories that may unfold throughout the event.  As the push towards the PBR World Finals heat up we must pay close attention to those that are making the most of the opportunity that is presenting itself to them as some big shake ups have happened here this weekend.  We appreciate all the efforts they make to provide us with our top quality photos we use for our stories each and every week!

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