Sacramento Hosts The PBR For A Huge Weekend Of Professional Bull Riding

This weekend the Professional Bull Riders Built Ford Tough Series rolled west to Sacramento, California for the fourth stop on the 2017 tour.  Once the action begins it will be imperative that the top 35 bull riders that are competing give their all to be sure they remain on the elite Built Ford Tough Series tour.  Next weekend will be the first cut of the season which will drop the bottom five bull riders in the top 35 of the world standings to the touring pro ranks and also bring up some of those that have been performing well up to the Built Ford Tough Series.

Sacramento also began earlier tonight with a huge round one performance beginning what will be a long and grueling weekend for the top 35 bull riders in the world that are here expecting to rebound from a poor performance last weekend in Oklahoma City.  Many of these cowboys are nursing sore bodies and nagging injuries while others are making their return to the bull riding arena after some time away.  Tonight’s round one began to shape up what things will continue to look like throughout the weekend and showed us who came to play and who is just going through the motions needed to stay on tour!

J.B. Mauney Returned To Action Here In Sacramento

Photo Credit:  Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

Round one provided much excitement throughout the Golden 1 Center before the action even began down on the arena floor.  Each and every year the Professional Bull Riders come to Sacramento and the loyal fan base comes out in droves to see their favorite cowboy or bucking bull live throughout the weekend.  This year was not different that past years as the fans filed into the arena and the sold out crowd was full of anticipation of the start of the 2017 Frontier Communications Sacramento Clash!

Not only were those in attendance excited about the action but the return of one of the most notable names in the history of the sport.  World Champion J.B. Mauney made his return to the arena after healing from injury to see if he could make a climb up the leader board here this weekend.  That being said, tonight started off with a solid score of 83.75 points heading into tomorrow night’s second round of action here in Sacramento!

Jess Lockwood Takes The Round One Win Home In Sacramento

Photo Credit: Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

The top 35 bull riders in the world came into tonight’s round one with a chip on their shoulders after a dismal weekend in Oklahoma City where the qualified rides were very few and far between.  Now that these cowboys have had a week to sit and ponder what happened it was time for them to refocus and come into Sacramento determined and regain the swagger that was left behind a week ago.  Tonight’s match-ups gave the edge to the bull riders on paper but we would all soon find out if that is the way it would be or not.  As the round began it seemed to be the bull riders who would dominate the performance after the first four rode back to back but then the trail went cold and the remainder of the round was pretty quiet for those that followed.

All of the excitement and nervous energy that the fans inside of the Golden 1 Arena had could be felt behind the bucking chutes as the opening ceremonies began.  Once all of the pop and circumstance was finished, the lights came bright as the action of round one began.  When the dust settled and the scores were calculated it would be 16 of the top 35 bull riders in the world that would manage to carry a score over to tomorrow’s round two performance.  That being said no one could match the 87.50 point ride that Jess Lockwood put up on the scoreboard aboard Triplett Bucking Bulls’ Baton Rouge to take home the round one win!

Complete List Of Qualified Rides From Round One Posted Below:

                                               Jess Lockwood (87.50)                           Cooper Davis (86.75)

                                              Cody Nance (86.50)                                 Marco Eguchi (85.75)

                                              Dener Barbosa (85.00)                           Cody Heffernan (85.00)

                                              Koal Linvingston (84.50)                       Emilio Resende (84.25)

                                              J.B. Mauney (83.75)                                Mason Lowe (83.25)

                                             Joao Ricardo Vieira (83.25)                   Paulo Lima (82.00)

                                             Luis Blanco (81.75)                                  Kaique Pacheco (80.75)

                                             Keyshawn Whitehorse (65.50)              Silvano Alves (63.00)

After an intense round one the anticipation of what is to come in round two tomorrow night is at a high that no one can touch.  Not only will we all be able to watch the athletes on both sides go at each other once again but will we will also see a little extra action down on the arena floor.  The second 15/15 Bucking Battle of the young 2017 Built Ford Tough Series season will also be the center of attention to round out Saturday night’s action live from Sacramento and the Golden 1 Arena!

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