Round Four Of The PBR World Finals Was Filled With Excitement


Last night’s round three ended in dramatic fashion as the top three bull riders in the world standings (Kaique Pacheco, Cooper Davis and J.B. Mauney) went toe to toe in order to try and jockey positions heading into tonight’s fourth round here at the 2016 PBR World Finals.  Everyone thought that Cooper Davis had done what it would take to overtake the world number one spot but Pacheco had other ideas and won the round with 89 points thus widening his lead to just over 207 points.

Tonight Cooper Davis is still only a round win away from overtaking that spot and 2-time defending and reigning PBR World Champion could make history to become the first 7 million dollar man.  He comes into tonight just a mere $21,000 short of making that mark but needs to clear his head from his lack luster performance just 24-hours ago.  It is well known that Mauney rarely bucks off two in a row so tonight should be the night he puts up a huge score and possibly makes history down on the arena floor!


Mississippi Hippie Officially Retires In Style Saturday Night

Photo Credit: Phillip Kitts

Tonight those fans in attendance here at the T-Mobile Arena and those watching live on were able to witness on of the great bulls in the Professional Bull Riders organization retire in grand fashion.  As K-C Bucking Bulls’ Mississippi Hippie was let into the arena there was not a dry eye in the house as the in arena announcers began raving about him.  To hear the legacy that this great bovine athlete will leave behind is undoubtedly one of the most amazing things that I have ever been a part of since covering the PBR.

Mississippi Hippie has had a six year career within the Professional Bull Riders Built Ford Tough Series and was a feared bull that only the strong would handle.  In six years this bovine athlete has been out 39 times and carries an average buck off rate of 88% and an average buck off time of 4.36 seconds over his career.  Tonight we were able to give this superstar the send off that he very well deserves as he rides off into retirement and enjoy the rest of his life in luxury.


Ty Pozzobon Makes Another Qualified Ride In Round Four

Photo Credit:  Phillip Kitts

Tonight was a night where those of the top 40 bull riders in the world that have been struggling were put into a do or die situation if they had any chance on making it to the Championship Round tomorrow afternoon.  Even though the qualified ride counts have not been huge over the first three rounds those that are being made are solid, and more often than not, second or third score of the event for some cowboys.  That being said those that did not have scores on the board needed to tonight to even have an outside opportunity at the final round tomorrow afternoon.

Over the first three rounds here at the 2016 Professional Bull Riders Built Ford Tough Series World Finals the cowboys have been battered and bruised which is making each round harder and harder for them.  As the event goes day to day it makes it that much harder for these bull riders to compete at a level they need to do to get the eight second rides completed.  Tonight that did not get any easier for them as the second round of the ABBI Classic Bulls were out again that gave them problems in round one where only 12 riders were able to garner any type of points.

JB Mauney strikes with 90.25 on Red Dawn and wins the round during the fourth round of the World Finals Built Ford Tough Series PBR. Photo by Andy Watson/Bull Stock Media. Photo credit must be given on all use.

J.B. Mauney Wins Round Four With A 90.25 Point Ride

Photo Credit:  Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

Hoping that tonight would be much different from round one where we saw the ABBI Classic Bulls for the first time the top 40 bull riders in the world readied themselves for the task set before them once again.  In round one these men combined for only 12 qualified rides against a pen of bulls that has wreaked havoc on them all season long.  That being said these guys came in with a new attitude tonight and managed to out wit the bovines paired up with them to earn a total of 18 qualified rides here in round number four!

As the world championship race heats up the action tonight was fierce between those still reasonably in contention for the 2016 World Champion Bull Rider title.  Kaique Pacheco is on fire and is doing all that he can to keep the lead heading into tomorrow’s final two rounds.  Tonight the round winner would be J.B. Mauney after securing that win aboard Boyd – Floyd Bull Company’s Red Dawn after they paired up to the tune of a staggering 90.25 point ride setting himself up in a great spot for tomorrow’s fifth and championship rounds.

round recap

Complete Breakdown Of Qualified Rides In Round Four Below:

 J.B. Mauney (90.25)                                                             Stetson Lawrence (89.00)                                        

Guilherme Marchi (88.75)                                                  Gage Gay (88.25)                                                        

Joao Ricardo Vieira (88.25)                                               Chase Outlaw (87.25)                          

Silvano Alves (86.50)                                                           Ryan Dirteater (86.50)                                            

Cody Nance (86.50)                                                             Kaique Pacheco (86.50)

Ty Pozzobon (86.25)                                                            Tyler Harr (84.25)                                                

Dener Barbosa (84.25)                                                        Emilio Resende (84.00)                                          

Cooper Davis (83.75)                                                           Lachlan Richardson (83.75)

Luis Blanco (80.25)                                                             Marco Antonio Eguchi (77.00)


Steven Tyler Performs Ahead Of Round Four 

Photo Credit:  Debbie Anthony

This year, each and every night the folks at the Professional Bull Riders organization have added some fantastic musical acts to open up each round of the 2016 PBR World Finals here in Las Vegas.  During the 2016 season we all have watched the action and drama unfold of CBS Sports Network and noticed that Steven Tyler produced a song to act as the theme song for the Built Ford Tough Series.  Tonight we all got to see him perform live inside of the T-Mobile Arena right down on the arena floor!

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Tonight was a night to remember as the top 40 cowboys in the world have given blood, sweat and tears to make it here to the 2016 PBR World Finals.  Now that we look ahead to the final day of the season and the crowning of the World Champion we can also take a moment and reflect on all of the highlights that have happened throughout the year and those that will continue to happen tomorrow afternoon.  Stay with the Rodeo Round Up as we bring our coverage to a conclusion tomorrow night and regroup for the 2017 season that begins in January at Madison Square Gardens in New York!

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