Rodeo’s Miracle Baby, Billy Bob Brown, Visits The Rodeo Round Up: Unplugged This Week

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The sport of professional rodeo has many stories of inspiration as you have heard throughout the year on the Rodeo Round Up: Unplugged.  Each week we strive to bring you these stories from virtual unknowns all the way through to some of your favorite iconic rodeo stars from the past and present.  This week we focus on a man that is affectionately known as “Rodeo’s Miracle Baby”. Billy Bob Brown.  When we talk about stories of inspiration this is one cowboy that should definitely come to your mind.

Billy Bob Brown’s story starts in 1991 when he was born with many major health problems which devastated his entire family.  From day one his mom and dad found out that he was nothing short of a miracle and an extreme fighter even though no doctors had ever seen anything like what he was born with before.  The doctors had informed the family that they should not expect the baby before them to survive and to start thinking about funeral arrangements.  It was so bad that he was not even given a name until a week into his miracle life.  What happened?…. listen to our conversation below to get to know this miracle cowboy a little bit better!

billy bob brown

Brown, along his young rodeo career has already made quite the name for himself within the high school and college rodeo realms.  Throughout his high school years he gained several state and national titles starting early on in his freshman year.  He continued to bring his best into everything that he did his college rodeo career and went on to win College National Finals Championships the last two years as well as an All-Around National Championship last year.  Continuing to strive to break barriers and records he Bill Bob Brown has his eyes set on becoming the first ever three time back-to-back College Rodeo National Champion.

Along our journey on this week’s edition of the Rodeo Round Up:  Unplugged we talk about many changes within the sport of professional rodeo, idols, inspirations and many other things that he sees for his career in the very near future.  His ultimate goal is to be able to participate in the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Billy Bob is well on his way to his ultimate dream by qualifying for the semi-finals of the RFD-TV’s The American event which will take place in February in Ft. Worth with the top qualifiers moving on to the big show at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Find out more about this great cowboy and miracle baby by listening to this week’s episode of the Rodeo Round Up: Unplugged!

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