No Rides In The Champ Vs. Champ PBR Head To Head Match-Up In Decatur

PBR PRCA showdown
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The much anticipated champion Vs. champion head to head match-up that happened last night in Decatur, Texas was all that it was expected to be.  Reigning PBR World Champion J.B. Mauney was paired up with past World Champion bucking bull Asteroid while Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association reigning and 4-time World Champion J.W. Harris was matched up with one of the great bucking bulls, Shepherd Hills Tested.  Fans were on the edge of their seats as these two greats went head to head for a $25,000 payday.

JB Mauney
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Professional Bull Riders Reigning World Champion J.B. Mauney

First up for the night was PBR World Champion J.B. Mauney.  We all know that he has been battling injury over the past couple of months and has just been back on tour for a very short time prior to last night’s event.  As Mauney climbed aboard Asteriod it looked like he was very loose and confident going into his 8 seconds towards a $25,000 payday.  As the chute gate opened it looked as if J.B. Mauney was not expecting the lunge or just not ready for his nod.  Only two seconds into the ride the reigning PBR World Champion was on the ground wondering if he had just given away the huge amount of money that was going to be given out at J.W. Hart’s PBR Challenge event.  For those of you that were not able to see the ride live on I have included a link so you can see what we all saw last night and you can see it right here only on the Rodeo Round Up!

jw harris
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Reigning PRCA Bull Riding World Champion J.W. Harris

J.W. Harris, reigning Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association World Champion, was the cowboy that was also invited to this historic event to go head to head with J.B. Mauney.  Harris came into Decatur, Texas knowing that he had been given the opportunity to ride one of the great bucking bulls in the PBR, Shepherd Hills Tested, which is currently the number three bucking bull in the season standings for the Built Ford Tough Series.  Once the chute gate opened the crowd along with everyone else thought we were going to see a 8 second ride for $25,000.  Harris had a good seat and was in great position until about the 4 second mark.  J.W. began to get a little behind and ultimately was not able to make a qualified ride and came down just short of the whistle.  Once again for those of you that were not able to watch the ride on I have included a link for you to watch this history making ride here only on the Rodeo Round Up!

While both of these great champions bucked off prior to the 8 second whistle folks will be talking about this event, J.W. Hart’s PBR Challenge, for many years to come.  In a telephone conversation with both Mauney and Harris they both sounded like they were looking forward to this event for many reasons.  The main reason is to build the fan base and notoriety for the sports of professional rodeo and bull riding.  Trust me when I say that both of them wanted that $25,000 that J.W. Hart was putting up for the head to head match-up but Hart was relieved when he did not have to dish out the huge paycheck that these two cowboys had coming for a qualified ride.

Now that this event is over J.W. Hart has a huge decision to make.  He is considering the option to make this a yearly competition but does not want to put the pen to the paper just yet.  We will all have to wait and see what the future will hold for an event of this caliber held in Decatur, Texas in the following years.

jw harris with Bushwacker
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Even though the head to head match-up is in the books with no qualified rides there is still a chance to witness history over the PBR’s Built Ford Tough Series summer break.  June 13-14 will be another huge event held in North Dakota will be another chance to see both the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association World Champ, J.W. Harris, and legendary bucking bull Bushwacker.  These two will go head to head for the first time and you can see it all live at

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