Richmond Champion Rides To Become An Instant Millionaire At The American!

Rodeo - The American - Dallas Texas -  Sunday 2nd March 2014 - AT&T Stadium - Dallas

Bareback rider Richmond Champion wins $1.1 million dollars at the RFD-TV’s The American

Photo credit:  Simon King @

Virtual unknown bareback rider 21 year old Richmond “Richy” Champion came into the RFD-TV’s The American event as a virtual unknown to most rodeo fans but left AT&T Stadium one of the most popular riders in the sport of professional rodeo.  This cowboy that has only been riding bareback horses for three years made history and earned a huge $1.1 million dollar paycheck at the richest one day rodeo in the history of the sport!  Champion came in as a “qualifier” for the American and had a chance to win his share at a one million dollar pay out.  If either a “qualifier” or an “exemption” won their respective events they would split the one million dollar purse set aside for them.  Richmond Champion was the only contestant to conquer that task and earned the one million dollars to take home by himself.  Along with the one million her earned another $100,000 for winning his event as well.  The Rodeo Round Up got the chance to catch up with Champion following the event last Sunday and got his reaction to collecting on a huge payday.  His reaction was priceless and he now knows what it means to be a top cowboy in the sport of professional rodeo!!

Stay tuned to the Rodeo Round Up as I will be posting a new interview/story each day until all the coverage the Rodeo Round Up team did in Arlington Texas is completely posted and you can continue to hear what this weekend’s events meant to your favorite contestants and the sport of rodeo itself!!






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