RFD-TV’s The American And The PBR Have Something In Common!….

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At the beginning of March at AT&T Stadium in Arlington Texas history will be made.  Not only will the richest one day rodeo, RFD-TV’s The American, take place but the day before will be the Professional Bull Riders Iron Cowboy event.  You may ask why and how are these two huge events connected other than being at the same arena on back to back dates.  Remember folks that the top ten contestants in the world within the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association get an automatic invite to the RFD-TV’s The American other than the bull riders.  This is where the Professional Bull Riders organization comes into play.  In my interview with RFD-TV’s CEO Randy Bernard I asked him why the top bull riders in the PRCA were not invited to the event without going through “qualifiers”.

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RFD-TV’s CEO Randy Bernard

He clearly laid it out on the table during the interview as to why he chose the top ten bull riders in the PBR to earn an invitation instead of the top ten from the PRCA.  Randy talked about wishing he had more spots to give out to the great bull riders of the PRCA but for many reasons finally deciding to go with the riders in the PBR.  He said that if you look at it logically and from his point of view if bull riders can ride for over a million dollars that is guaranteed for the champion in the PBR or ride for far less money in the PRCA where are the best riders going to choose to go.  Mr. Bernard talked about how great the top contenders are in the bull riding within the PRCA and wished them luck making it to the American through the qualifiers.  So as it stands the top ten bull riders in the PBR are invited and there are five spots left to make it to Arlington March 2, 2014 through the qualifiers happening throughout the winter.  Now that you know the reason behind the merger there is one other huge announcement that came out today from the PBR and the RFD-TV’s The American!


PBR World Champion Bucking Bull Bushwacker

The PBR’s Director of Livestock, Cody Lambert, and RFD-TV’s The Road To The American host Justin McKee announced tonight that the winner of the Iron Cowboy event held the day before the American will have a special exemption and opportunity to participate the next day at the American.  The winner will not be able to be in the running to win the event but he will have a chance to ride one bull for a ton of money.  Whoever wins the Iron Cowboy event will have the chance to climb aboard the World Champion bucking bull Bushwacker for a cool ONE MILLION dollars in prize money for eight seconds worth of work.  This means if the cowboy can cover the Julio Moreno bucking bull Bushwacker for the full eight seconds he will walk out of AT&T Stadium with a one million dollar check for his efforts!

We all know who the top ten contestants in the world are but we don’t know who the five qualifiers will be yet.  All the excitement and questions will come to a head at the end of February in Mesquite Texas for the semi-finals of the qualifiers for the American.  The semis will happen February 22 and 23 with the richest one day rodeo in history, the American, being held March 2 inside AT&T Stadium in Arlington Texas.  Tickets are still available for both the semi-finals and the American so make sure you witness history that will be made one way or another.  The Rodeo Round Up will be there both days to cover all the action and excitement and will bring you daily coverage and interviews with your favorite contestants!







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