Response From The PBR’s CEO Sean Gleason Regarding The New Digital Media Platform

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After an announcement that was met with turmoil just 24 hours ago there were many questions that remained unanswered as we all waiting to see what would happen.  Knowing this the Professional Bull Riders CEO Sean Gleason published a response earlier today and we wanted to bring you it in its entirety.  Take a look for yourselves what he had to say about it as he tries to answer some lingering questions and settle the nerves of those fans that will be affected.  Here is what he had to say in his OWN words:


To those asking about PBR’s digital initiatives and plans that were announced this weekend.

The CBS relationship is unchanged as a result of these announcements. We will still have 36 broadcasts on CBS Sports Network and 14 on CBS Network in 2018.

We will be significantly improving the production quality of the non-televised Built Ford Tough Series Events. There will be multi-camera coverage and a dedicated broadcast team that includes familiar faces from both television and digital coverage for every non-televised performance.

We will be significantly enhancing the coverage from televised BFTS events with additional cameras (non-action), results reporting, highlights, interviews, etc. This coverage will also have a dedicated talent team. Our agreement with CBS still does not allow for full ride coverage if the events are televised.

We will post all CBS broadcasts as video on demand content at midnight on the day that the program first airs on CBS or CBSSN. Between the live ‘companion coverage’ and the video on demand options, fans should have access to every event either live and/or within 6-10 hours of each performance with multiple options for how you want to consume it.

We appreciate that our fans want everything covered live, free, immediately and without interruption. Our agreements and economics don’t allow that to happen but we will be delivering everything to subscribers at the first possible moment it is available. As evidenced throughout various threads on the topic, some of our fans want it on television, some want it digitally and some want a mix. The new product Is going to be as good as it could possibly get under our existing restrictions to meet the different desires of our fans.

We will be producing the vast majority – and possibly all – Velocity Tour events live. There will be a multiple camera production team and dedicated broadcast personalities at every event we produce. These events are not restricted by or available on television and will be a significant focus of the digital product.

We will also be covering select international events – like the Global Cup – live. We will also be posting coverage of international events as video on demand content as soon as possible after each event. We expect coverage of the international events to grow over time.

We have secured some additional western lifestyle sports events and we are working diligently to secure the rights to others. We intend to bring subscribers high quality coverage of dozens of additional western sports events. More on that as we move forward.

We have also started production and planning on news programs, features and other compelling programming that will support our live strategy. We intend to create the one destination you need for all things PBR and western sports.

Just one example – of many – that we are working on to deliver additional content and value for subscribers is a series that features JB Mauney and Dale Brisby. If you were wondering what a two time World Champ does when he’s healing up for a return to competition, look no further. I’ve had a chance to preview the first few episodes of the series and it is absolutely hilarious. Again, one example of many that we will be producing for subscribers.

As mentioned, it will be a subscription platform. Relative to all other digital networks and services, it will be very affordable. It will be as affordable as we can make it and still deliver against our promises.

It will debut on a new mobile app and Website platform initially. We are already working on arrangements to bring it to set top boxes through other services like Amazon, Hulu, etc. We will endeavor to make it available through as many services as possible. If you already have the PBR app, it will update automatically in January and at that point you can subscribe if you so desire.

Our parent company WME/IMG has invested significantly in a platform to deliver this content to PBR fans as well as UFC and other properties we own. The technology platform will greatly improve the user experience and because we control it, we can constantly enhance it to better serve you and meet your requests.

Because we are shifting over to the new platform, we will not be able to cover the remaining regular season events on what you know as PBR Live. We will cover the Velocity Tour Finals and the Global Cup from Edmonton with the new coverage and broadcast teams as a free preview of the production plan. More information will be provided on how to access those events.

We will be posting the CBS or CBSSN programs from the remaining events as video on demand content the next day.

We are working diligently to bring PBR fans a comprehensive solution – once and for all – to give you the content and engagement opportunities you want. It will be a very robust offering at launch and we will continue to invest to ensure this is a solution and product worth the modest investment we need from each of you to make it work!

We have a great team working on this and so a few details may change along the way. I wanted to give those of you that follow me answers to some of your questions and a little more insight into what is coming.

Thanks. SG

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