Randy Bloomer Hospitalized After Plane Crash


If you are a fan or any part of the western lifestyle industry you have probably seen some very nice Bloomer Trailers hauling up and down the road.  The company’s owner Randy Bloomer has always been known to give freely to those in need and by no means expect anything in return.  That being said after what we have heard about last night he is the one in the seat now that needs us to reach out in prayer and cover him and his family in safety while undergoing surgery, recovery and getting back to the man he was.

Word came through the chain last night that a plane crash had happened and that somehow Randy Bloomer was part of it.  No one knew exactly to what extent but was quickly known once the rest of the Bloomer family (wife Kim, daughter Alexis and son Jake) took to their social media accounts to clear up any confusion.  If you know this wonderful family at all you know that they are pretty quiet and do not share many personal things with those outside of who they call family.


Bloomer’s Plane At Crash Site

Photo By: Kim Bloomer

While on their way back from a hunting excursion the twin engine plane that Randy Bloomer and two others were in lost power and ultimately crashed along a highway in Mineral Wells, Texas.  Randy and his pilot were injured and airlifted to a trauma center in Ft. Worth for treatment of their injuries.  The third person in the plane who was in the back seat was not injured and was up walking around the crash site shortly after the incident.  The good news is that all three should be okay and make full recoveries but will take some time.

As the news spread throughout the rodeo and western lifestyle world his daughter Alexis wanted to clear the air and make sure that rumors did not begin and get out of control.  She went to her social media accounts to make the following statement regarding this horrific evening their family was having to endure.  She made the following remarks about the status of the events thus far by saying, “I’ve debated on posting but I’ve seen other people post links and I don’t want the story to get skewed. I tend to be a private person, but my dad was in a plane crash tonight outside of Mineral Wells. He is alive, but was life flighted to the hospital. Mom and I were almost outside of service but decided to stop and eat, thankfully we were able to get the phone call and rush up to the hospital. I’ll try to keep people updated but at this point we are asking for prayers. My dad is extremely strong and God was looking over him tonight. Thank you to everyone who has reached out, we love you all”.


Randy Bloomer’s Place Crash Scene

Photo By: Kim Bloomer

After Randy was loaded and transported to the hospital in Ft. Worth the severity of his injuries started to be assessed while the rest of the family waited word.  The positive sign out of all this is that Randy would be able to fully recover and live through something that no other ordinary person would or should have.  While each and every one of us know his faith is strong with the Lord there must have been a reason that he was not taken from us here on earth last night.

As things started to settle in his wife Kim reached out to those that have heard about the accident to thank them and give everyone an update on Randy’s condition early this morning.  She made the statement via her personal facebook account by saying, “As many of you know by now Randy was in a plane crash yesterday outside of Mineral Wells. We are thankful he is alive and will heal with time. He just went into the first surgery on his leg…compound fracture, broken ankle and separated ankle. The plastic surgeon stitched his chin and neck area, they never verified if his chin is broke. Lots of cuts but his spirits are good, again he keeps saying he is thankful to be alive. John Brunner our Dealer was in the backseat but was able to walk away, thank God! Their pilot was also injured but is expected to recover. Thank you to everyone who has called, texted us and came to the hospital. Please pray for a speedy recovery, after 35 years of marriage I know Randy is the toughest man I have ever met. God is good all the time!”


Although the news coming out of Ft. Worth is encouraging there will still be a very long road to recovery as all the surgeries and rehab begins.  Through this time the entire Bloomer family will need everyone’s thoughts and prayers as we let them know that the entire western lifestyle and rodeo worlds support them through this entire journey.  The Rodeo Round Up team asks that all of you say a silent prayer each night as we hope and pray that the recovery process maintains its positive course of action to bring Randy back to where he was prior to the accident.

We will continue to monitor this situation and bring you any updates that may be released from Randy or his family in the future.  That being said we are going to give this family the privacy they need to work through this and we respectfully ask each and every one of you to do the same for this wonderful family.  I personally know that Kim, Alexis and Jake appreciate all of the outpouring of support and the encouraging words that they continue to receive each and every day as Randy makes his way to a full recovery!

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