PBR CEO Sean Gleason Makes Long Time Dream Come True


Just over a year ago Sean Gleason, CEO for the Professional Bull Riders organization, quietly began constructing his master plan to make two iconic western lifestyle events become one.  It has been a lifelong dream of his to combine the legendary Helldorado Days PRCA event and the PBR’s Last Cowboy Standing, a major event.  After numerous hours and strict dedication, this dream will become a reality as the PRCA and PBR descend upon Las Vegas, Nevada next month.

The weekend of May 13th through the 15th will be a history making weekend for both of these fantastic organizations as they join forces for a once in a lifetime weekend of elite rodeo and bull riding action.  The Professional Bull Riders organization are not shy about combining efforts to give the loyal fans what they want and have done so on many different occasions.  The Salinas Rodeo, National Western Stock Show and Calgary Stampede events are just a few examples that pair with one of the most notable over the last three years.  The RFD-TV’s The American joined together with the PBR and has allowed them to produce the iconic event for the last three years.

Sean Gleason

Sean Gleason, PBR CEO Talks With Jason

Along with those great events, Sean Gleason was steadfast on his vision of putting two other great events together as one.  This year will be a very special one for Gleason as he has always wanted to bring awareness back to the Helldorado Days PRCA sanctioned event.  This match was a no-brainer as many of the top bull riders in the PBR are also PRCA cardholders and compete in both events so Gleason thought why not combine them.  Along with Sean’s vision, there are at least two contestants competing in both events, Shane Proctor and Derek Kolbaba.

While in Sioux Falls, South Dakota covering the PBR’s Built Ford Tough Series event there last weekend I had the opportunity to sit down exclusively with Sean Gleason to talk about everything that it took to put this together.  Immediately I noticed the intensity and passion that he had as he talked about this exciting announcement.  I have included the complete interview below so you can see for yourselves what he has to say about being a part of this very special time in western sports entertainment.

As I stated earlier there are also a few of the top 35 bull riders in the Built Ford Tough Series that are also PRCA cardholders and trying to earn their way to Las Vegas in December for the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.  Two of these cowboys have already announced that they will, in fact, be competing in both events held on the very same weekend just hours apart.  Shane Proctor and Derek Kolbaba are not afraid of the task that will be lying ahead of them and is going to be heading into Vegas with clear intentions.

I have also able to catch up with both of these athletes to see what they have to say about the opportunity to compete at both, specifically as PBR bull riding superstars.  Both Proctor and Kolbaba have already had the seasons that some can only dream of as they head into these events that will take the PBR into its summer break.  Below are both of the interviews in their entirety so you can hear for yourselves how these two athletes are preparing for battle and how they plan to keep the focus and mindset that it will take to win one of the PBR’s 2016 major events.

Challenge of champions pt2

The rejuvenation of the longstanding Las Vegas event will begin even before the start of the first performance on May 13th.  When the Helldorado Days Rodeo and Festival pair up with the PBR’s Last Cowboy Standing there are sure to be some of the best rodeo and bull riding action that you can ever see.  Top cowboys within the PRCA Weather Guard World Standings will join forces with the top 35 bull riders in the PBR to give the fans in attendance the best of both worlds in one place during one great weekend.

The PBR will bring its Major Last Cowboy Standing event to Vegas that will take place in the evening on May 13-14.  Along with that the PRCA-sanctioned Helldorado Days Rodeo will take place in the afternoons on May 13-15. This historic weekend will bring a new energetic feel to the celebration of the City of Las Vegas’ 111th birthday.  This is one weekend that you will not want to miss as three straight days of history will be taking place right off the legendary Las Vegas strip!

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