PBR Bull Riders Look To Turn Their Weekend Around In Rd 2 From Chicago

The Professional Bull Riders Built Ford Tough Series rolled into the Allstate Arena last night in a round one performance that started off slow and ended with a bang.  Along with the first round of action, those fans inside of the arena got to witness first hand the top fifteen bull riders in the world pair up with the many of the top fifteen bucking bulls on the road today.  The extra performance we are talking about was the first 15/15 Bucking Battle of the 2017 Built Ford Tough season.

The top 35 bull riders in the world came to Chicago with open minds and feeling good after a long winter break but as the round progressed last night many of those cowboys were limping out of the arena or holding certain body parts in pain keeping the Justin Sports Medicine Program professionals busy from start to finish.  Many of those cowboys were questionable for tonight’s second round and we all waited to see what kind of toll the first round took on these cowboys.

Cooper Davis Is Introduced To The BFTS Fans During The Opening Ceremonies

Photo Credit:  Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

Young gun Cooper Davis came onto the Built Ford Tough Series blazing through the field in his rookie 2016 season to end up claiming a World Championship title at the end of the year.  Much like all other world champions of the past Davis is going through a downward slide as the 2017 season is in full swing.  Combining that with the customary “Sophomore Slump” that is widely talked about this talented young bull rider has his sights set on changing his ways as round two began earlier tonight.

Following a season that he will long remember in 2016 he has gone a dismal one-for-five so far in 2017 including a 6-second buck off last night here at the Chicago Invitational.  Tonight he looked to begin to turn his early season around as he was matched up against Rocking I Rodeo Company’s Lieutenant Dan, a good solid bull for him to cover and regain his confidence.  After all was said and done it would be the bovine athlete that would be able to outlast the other gaining a very solid 42.50 point bull score.

Rubens Barbosa Turns Up The Heat In Round Two For The Win

Photo Credit:  Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

After a round one performance, just 24-hours ago, where a staggering fifteen riders were able to make qualified rides, tonight’s second round of bull riding action was anticipated to be another great round.  The match-ups earlier tonight featured many bovine veterans as well as some virtual newcomers that were trying to make a name for themselves on the elite Built Ford Tough Series tour.  After the last bull was bucked the athleticism on both sides of the arena was nothing but spectacular leaving all the fans in attendance wanting more as we head to Championship Sunday tomorrow afternoon!

Tonight’s round two gave the sold out crowd inside of the Allstate Arena all the action that they could handle as the bull riders fought through their pain and broken bodies to gain a qualified ride ahead of tomorrow afternoon’s final performance here in Chicago.  Once all was said and done there would be a total of 15 of the top 35 bull riders in the world that would manage to better their bovine competition that was underneath them.  That being said, one man would come out ahead of all others this Saturday night as Rubens Barbosa would outlast all others.  Tonight his 88.75 point ride atop of Rocking I Rodeo Company’s Machinery Auctioneer’s Little Joe would be better than anyone else could do as he heads into Championship Sunday full speed ahead!

Complete List Of Round Two Qualified Rides Posted Below:

                                                     Rubens Barbosa (88.75)                   Alex Cardozo (87.00)

                                                     Cody Heffernan (85.75)                    Brady Sims (85.50)

                                                     Mason Lowe (85.25)                         Matt Triplett (85.25)

                                                     Silvano Alves (84.50)                       Derek Kolbaba (84.25)

                                                     Justin Paton (84.00)                        Paulo Lima (83.50)

                                                     Stetson Lawrence (83.50)               Shane Proctor (83.50)

                                                     Joao Ricardo Vieira (82.25)           Kaique Pacheco (79.75)

                                                                                           Marco Eguchi (68.75)

If the first two rounds of action tell us anything, the final rounds of Championship Sunday will, once again, be something that you will not want to miss.  Even though these 35 bull riders are battered and bruised we saw first had that these injuries will not keep them out of competition.  Tomorrow afternoon’s performances will be a spectacle for those loyal PBR fans watching live or on television and will show what the true meaning of “Cowboy Up” means to these western sports athletes!

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