Night One Of The Hamel Rodeo Is In The Books

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As the fans started to file into the Corcoran Lions Park for the 37th annual Hamel Rodeo and Bull Riding Bananza the energy and anticipation could be felt throughout the rodeo grounds.  Much like past years, this year will feature some of the very best contestants and contract acts in the country.  From the booming voice of pro rodeo announcer Davie Kimm to the man in the can and specialty act John Harrison, this year will be one of the best we have ever seen here in Minnesota.

Along with those two that will keep the crowds entertained over the five performances here this weekend will also be some of the very best athletic talents that travel across this great nation on the professional rodeo circuits.  Last night’s first round started off with a bang as “The Wild Man” Wade Sundell and 2016 PRCA Bareback Riding World Champion Tim O’Connell took center stage.  That being said they did not disappoint as Sundell sat atop of the leaderboard after the first round of competition.

Wade Sundell at the Hamel Minnesota Rodeo

Wade Sundell Completes His Ride At The Hamel Rodeo Thursday Night

As the saddle bronc action began everyone in the crowd anxiously looked at their programs to make sure they were seeing things correctly as one man was about the light them on fire.  Although Wade Sundell’s home is labeled in Oklahoma he is still a Midwest cowboy and keeps his roots close to home.  The Wild Man calls Boxholm, Iowa his home and was truly excited to be competing at the Hamel Bull Riding Bonanza and Rodeo last night.  It has been a few years since this local crowd has been able to watch one of their favorite cowboys compete, much less walk of out of round one with the overall lead!

Prior to the start of the performance, I was able to catch up with him as he readied himself for the task at hand later that evening.  We talked about what Cowboy Christmas means to him and the solid roots that he has at home with his family.  Find out how his Fourth of July run went and who traveled with him down the rodeo trail before ending up in Hamel, Minnesota.  See what he has to say by listening to our interview below from round one of the 2017 Hamel Bull Riding Bonanza and Rodeo!

John Harrison Entertains The Crowds In Hamel, MN This Weekend

Many loyal rodeo fans not only follow their favorite animal and professional athletes but also those that protect their favorite cowboys and entertain the crowd throughout the event.  One of those men is very noticeable with his bright flashy yellow shirt and red fringe along with his iconic face paint and little sidekick.  Wrangler National Finals Rodeo funnyman John Harrison made his Hamel Rodeo debut Thursday night in round one of the Hamel Bull Riding Bonanza and Rodeo, one that has been on his radar for a very long time.

Before the first round Thursday night I was able to catch up with him behind the bucking chutes to get his take on this event, the biggest outdoor rodeo in the state of Minnesota.  We talk about everything from his WNFR appearances to the daily travels throughout the rodeo year and the dedication it takes to make it in this industry.  Find out how family life works while on the rodeo road and what he thinks of having his family by his side each and every day as he chases his dreams in our interview below from Thursday night here in Hamel, Minnesota.

The Rodeo Round Up and Midwest Rodeos will begin our partnership later tonight as round two of the Hamel Bull Riding Bonanza and Rodeo is set to begin.  We will try going live for our post show if internet capabilities allow for it.  Along with our post-show that will feature a round recap, interviews, and updates we will also go “Facebook Live” prior to the event.  Keep an eye out for all of our fun and interactive social media activities on both the Rodeo Round Up’s platforms and the Midwest Rodeo’s social media platforms!

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