The NFR in Texas?… the New Story Begins!

When no one has heard anything from the Colorado Springs, CO based Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association or their defecting members for longer that three days obviously it is too long of a time.

Friday night a few social media outlets began reporting that the PRCA’s Commissioner, Karl Stressman, was in Texas talking about moving the associations “superbowl of rodeo” to that state starting in 2015 once the current contract with Las Vegas Events expires.  I decided not to report anything until I had a little more proof and that proof came this morning.

tx ORCA pic

Karl Stressman, PRCA Commissioner visited with Rick Perry, Governor of Texas and Cecil Bell Jr., Texas House Representative about moving the Wrangler NFR to Texas.

Saturday morning on Kirby Cannon’s facebook page, who is the brother of WNFR bareback rider Clint Cannon, pictures were released showing Stressman in Texas meeting with Governor Rick Perry and House Representative Cecil Bell.  Now remember we all do not know exactly why or what these three talked about but it is kind of interesting that the PRCA’s Commissioner would be there when that camp has been very quiet since all the news has broke about the move and the defection.  It is also funny that more pictures were taken that same day with PRCA and Texas bareback rider Heath Ford sitting in on a round table type looking discussion with the Texas Governor.  This may all be staged for media publicity or it may actually be something that is happening that now one is being told about yet.  It is safe to say that only time will tell!

heath ford

PRCA bareback rider talks with Texas Governor Rick Perry about moving the WNFR to his home state of Texas

All this breaking news or rumor however you want to take it is just adding one more piece to the puzzle.  Commissioner Karl Stressman, the Board of Directors and the PRCA home office in Colorado Springs, CO have not been doing much good to themselves over the last week or so and now this?  I find it interesting that they are in hot water with a lot of people and then these pictures arise.  I would think that if something big like this was going to happen that it would have been announced.  It does not seem to me that PRCA office wants to tell anyone anything as their press release about the defecting members I wrote about is still nowhere to be found on ANY of their media outlets.  Does the PRCA have a hidden agenda up their sleeve or are they running with their tails between their legs?  This question and others are up to each one of you to decide and draw your won conclusions.  I hope that you continue to enjoy the reports coming from about this situation and others and please keep it classy going forward!  God Bless each and every one of you!!







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  1. Tessa Wauson Avatar
    Tessa Wauson

    I myself haven’t ever been to Vegas to see the WNFR, I know quite a few people that have though. From what I understand the pen isn’t very big and you have to get tickets in advance!!! So why not move it to TEXAS A bigger pen and more seats brings more spectators and more money, and like Monica Said it would make it more Family oriented! There are lots of kids that Rodeo. They dream a wish they could go to the Finals, I know cause I use to be one of them! I’m 40 yrs old and still Wish I could go at least 1 yr!!! So move it to Texas, kids have a better chance of going to watch their Idles, and maybe get to meet some of them!!!! Remember moving to Texas could mean Bigger Pens and more than likely Bigger Purses!!!!

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