New Country Takes Home PBR Global Cup Trophy In 2020

Following the 2019 PBR Global Cup, where the United States teams underwhelmed, they looked to come into this year’s edition with the attitude of they had something to prove and to bring the trophy back home to the host country soil.  After last night’s events, one of the two United States teams would manage to do just that but the other is having the same type of luck as they did just one year ago.  Talking about a tale of two teams, the United States Team Eagles have soared to the number one spot among the six teams while the United States Team Wolves come into day number two nursing their wounds and looking to change the tide after only going one for eight and currently in the last place in the six-way standings.  It will be interesting to see how all the teams respond to their performances and efforts that they put up last night in front of a sold-out crowd.

Night number one gave us all many things to think about, some things to cheer about and a few things to even pray about following a brutal yet exciting night of action down on the arena floor as the 2020 season continues to rack up notable injuries and outstanding rides.  On the good side of this equation, we get to talk about a pairing that continues to take center stage, just as they did until the very last ride of the season one year ago in 2019.  Jess Lockwood and Jose Vitor Leme continue to lay cat and mouse with each and every ride that they make with both of them posting up 90.25 point rides last night, giving each of them a share of the high-marked ride of the night.  On the other hand, it was a brutally tough night on the cowboys as many were banged up and injured, most notably  Cody Teel who has to be cleared for competition through the concussion protocol to see if he can continue after being knocked out last night.

Team Brazil’s Jose Vitor Leme Puts Up Highest Mared Ride For Day Two

Photo Credit: Jeana / Rokin’ K Photos

Even newer fans of professional bull riding can agree with die-hard and seasoned fans of the sport that what we saw last night in round one was both nail-biting and exciting mixed with concern and wonderment.  Some of the most notable things that were taken away from last night is that of the Team Canada and Team Brazil performances.  Team Canada came going a perfect two-for-two, being the only team to post any scores on the board, raising some eyebrows as a possible team to beat throughout the weekend.  On the other hand, Team Brazil did all that they could to raise some concern about how they were performing after winning it all in 2019 and only going one-for eight last night.  All that would be forgotten very quickly when two of the best bull riders in the world went toe to toe to steal the show for their respective country teams.

Much the same as last night, the main focus would be on which country would leave AT&T Stadium here in Arlington, Texas with the Global Cup title and trophy following this afternoon’s festivities but we still want to dedicate a moment to the day’s top ride that would begin to set the tone for the day.  Yesterday it was two, Jose Vitor Leme and Jess Lockwood, that would split the high-marked ride of the day but today there would be only one.  After posting a whopping 89.50 point ride aboard Dakota Rodeo/Chad Berger/Clay Struve’s Jive Turkey Team Brazil’s Jose Vitor Leme would walk out of the event with the distinction of providing the highest marked ride of day two that would help his team out tremendously in the overall standings.  Even though that was celebrated with his team inside of the arena there was still a bigger prize to award later in the day.  You can see a complete breakdown of day two below as we looked to crown a new Global Cup Championship Team.


United States Team Eagles

TEAM TOTAL (Day One): 346.75 – 4 Rides

Matt Triplett (88.75)

Cole Melancon (88.25)

OVERALL TEAM TOTAL: 523.75 1st Place


United States Team Wolves

TEAM TOTAL (Day One): 85.25 – 1 Ride

OVERALL TEAM TOTAL: 85.25 6th Place


Team Canada

TEAM TOTAL (Day One): 259.75 – 3 Rides

OVERALL TEAM TOTAL: 259.75 4th Place


Team Australia

TEAM TOTAL (Day One): 169.75 – 2 Rides

Lachlan Richardson (88.50)

Nathan Burtenshaw (87.00)

Troy Wilkinson (84.75)

Aaron Kleier (84.50)

OVERALL TEAM TOTAL: 514.50 2nd Place


Team Mexico

TEAM TOTAL (Day One): 89.00 – 1 Ride

OVERALL TEAM TOTAL: 89.00 5th Place


Team Brazil

TEAM TOTAL (Day One): 90.25 – 1 Ride

Jose Vitor Leme (89.50)

Jose Vitor Leme (89.00)

Eduardo Aparecido (87.50)

Kaique Pacheco (79.50)

OVERALL TEAM TOTAL: 435.75 3rd Place


Team United States Eagles Wins The 2020 PBR Global Cup

Photo Credit: Jeana / Rokin’ K Photos

This year’s Professional Bull Riders Global Cup was one that will not be soon forgotten for all those that were able to watch the action live or through Ride Pass or CBS platforms as the action was hot and heavy both night this weekend.  For the six teams from five countries that competed, whether you win or lose the cup, they had the honor of representing their home countries on an international basis so it is easy to say that each and every one of them came out of this weekend as winners in our book.  That being said, we still have to crown a winning country’s team and this year that was not an easy task to complete.  After all the dust settled and the fans were able to take a deep breath, we finally crowned Team United States Eagles the 2020 Professional Bull Riders Global Cup-winning team and congratulations to them for a job well done to bring the trophy home for the season!

To say that the 2020 Professional Bull Riders Global Cup event was a huge success would be an absurd understatement after what all of us were able to watch over the last two days of action inside AT&T Stadium here in Arlington, Texas.  We can not say thank you enough to Jeana with Rokin’ K Photos for deciding to renew her partnership with us here at Rodeo Round-Up as it helps expand our live coverage that we are able to bring you each year across the country, not to mention the amazing shots that she is able to get to share with us all as well.  Now that we are all able to relax and take a deep breath we are getting ready to share a huge amount of event pictures with you on social media so stay tuned and keep an eye out for that.  A huge congratulations go out to Team ______ on an outstanding 2020 Global Cup win that will be remembered for years to come!

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