Milwaukee Welcomes The PBR With Open Arms

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As the 2018 Professional Bull Riders 25th Anniversary Monster Energy Unleash The Beast Tour draws closer to an end this weekend’s event will, once again, mark itself down in the history books as we are set to invade a brand new arena in Milwaukee, Wisconsin!  The new FISERV Forum complex lays in the heart of downtown and makes itself known around the district with the distinct look that holds for itself and this weekend we come to town to show Wisconsin how the cowboys roll.  The energy and party type atmosphere here in Milwaukee is unlike anything that we have seen throughout the year so far as our Unleash The Beast stop is coupled with the iconic Oktoberfest celebration that is happening all over town.  That being said, this is setting up to be one heck of a fun event as we look to shuffle the world standings look a bit here beginning with round one later tonight!

Once the time drew near and the PBR fans began assembling outside of the FISERV Forum, the questions began being asked as to what all the hype was around the area as the cowboy and cowgirl hats began showing up in grand fashion.  As the bull riding fans and the Oktoberfest crowds began to unite there was talk about how each of them could do what these cowboys do here after just a couple of beers.  Even though we know that is the farthest thing from the truth, that made us begin to deeply analyze the match-ups that we would be seeing as both the round one performance and the last 15/15 Bucking Battle of the season stared us right in the face.  After figuring out what we would see, we all were waiting anxiously for a night of bull riding that, on paper, should feature many qualified rides on this fateful Saturday night.

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Radford And Outlaw Return To Action In Milwaukee

Photo Credit: Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

Now that the season is closing in and the world title race heats up, there will be even more excitement added once the 2018 Ariat Invitational Presented by Cooper Tires kicks off here in Milwaukee as two household names return from injury.  Both of these cowboys are trying to make a last ditch effort to earn one of the thirty-five spots that are available for the 2018 Professional Bull Riders World Finals in just over a month in Las Vegas.  Canadian Brock Radford will return to action sitting in the number thirty-six spot, one out of the invited positions as he looks to earn points here this weekend to move up into the top thirty-five.  Another cowboy that is happy to make his return, much to the delight of many fans, is the one and only Chase Outlaw who will be making his first in-arena appearance since his freak accident this last July.

When Brock Radford climbs aboard his bovine opponent later tonight, he will be tested to the max after suffering a torn ACL the day before the second half of the season began as he was competing in a Canadian Pro Rodeo Association event which would put him out of action until tonight.  He has his work cut out for him as he needs to finish out the season strong in order to secure one of the spots to the PBR World Finals.  On the other side of the coin, Chase Outlaw returns after suffering a severe facial injury at the Cheyenne Frontier Days event this last July that required him to get through a 12-hour facial surgery.  He is on the outside looking in and is currently in the number seventy-six spot and needs to make up nearly 500 points to move into the top thirty-five in the world standings.  I was able to catch up with Outlaw following his round one qualified ride to see what he had to say about his recovery and return to action.  See what he had to say in the video below!

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Cooper Davis Takes The Debut Round One Win In Milwaukee

Photo Credit: Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

From the moment that the doors opened to the arena and the fans began pouring in on the raining Wisconsin day, things began to look up and the heat was turned up as the fans, riders and crew were excited to make history once again in the 2018 season.  As the fans entered and the day sheets were handed out, many were talking about some of the great match-ups that we would be able to watch for ourselves as round one was set to begin.  Each person watching from home or live at the arena knew that the paper would be very favorable to the top thirty-five bull riders that were sitting in the locker room.  Tonight’s round one would be incredible and the buzz around the FISERV Forum was undeniable as the introductions began to happen down on the arena floor as the 2018 Ariat Invitational Presented by Cooper Tires was set to begin.

Once the action started, the fans were almost instantly provided with a whole lot to cheer about, both on the cowboy’s side of the fence as well as the bovine athletes that would be vying for their own world championship title!  After the dust settled and the first round of action was concluded we would all double check our sheets and be amazed at the outcome of the evening’s festivities as sixteen would be able to make it to the eight-second buzzer to carry over a qualified ride score into tomorrow afternoon’s second round.  That being said, there was only one that would stand atop of all others to claim the round one win here in Milwaukee.  Tonight, that honor would go to Cooper Davis who would make a stellar ride aboard Dakota Rodeo / Chad Berger / Clay Struve / H&C Bucking Bulls’ Dusty’s Revenge to the tune of 88.25 points as he would earn another 100 world title race points for his efforts!

Complete List Of Qualified Rides Fron Round One In Milwaukee:

Cooper Davis (88.25)                                                         Dakota Buttar (87.75)

Chase Outlaw (87.50)                                                        Fabiano Vieira (86.75)

Guilherme Marchi (86.75)                                               Lachlan Richardson (86.50)

Joao Ricardo Vieira (86.25)                                            Dener Barbosa (86.25)

Kaique Pacheco (86.25)                                                   Eduardo Aparecido (86.00)

Derek Kolbaba (85.25)                                                    Colten Jesse (84.75)

J.B. Mauney (84.50)                                                       Sean Willingham (83.50)

Jose Vitor Leme (83.00)                                                Emilio Resende (82.00)

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Jose Vitor Leme Secures The Last 15/15 Bucking Battle Win Of The Season

Photo Credit: Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

Even though the fans were exhausted and energetic at the very same time from the action they were able to see in the first round earlier tonight, they were far from being able to walk out of the FISERV Forum as the last 15/15 Bucking Battle of the 2018 season was yet to come on an action-packed Saturday night.  It only seemed fitting to have such a season-impacting round here in Milwaukee as we would debut the PBR’s Unleash The Beast Tour inside of the brand new venue.  As we all witnessed some amazing talent on both sides of the fence in round one, things would be even more delightful for the fans and fearful for the top fifteen bull riders in the world as they would match up with some of the rankest bucking bulls who were also vying for a world title of their very own.

Tonight, especially, the best of the best would converge on Milwaukee to try and raise some eyebrows and begin to make huge statements as we head into the final weeks of action while we begin to draw the lines that would make up the look of the 2018 PBR World Finals.  When things began earlier tonight, it would look as if the bovine athletes would continue their dominance in these special rounds of action throughout the year but that being said, there were still five of those fifteen riders that would have what it took to make it to the end of the eight-second ride to earn some precious world title race points.  Once things settled down we would be able to announce Jose Vitor Leme was the 15/15 Bucking Battle Milwaukee Champion that would give him even more points and confidence to end the 2018 regular season strong and head to Las Vegas searching for a world title of his own!

Tonight was an exciting night of bull riding action as we broke in the brand new FISERV Forum complex on a high note that would leave the nearly sold-out crowd wanting more as we head into tomorrow afternoon’s Championship Sunday performance.  It will be hard to follow the showing that we saw here earlier tonight but one can only imagine what that will mean for another full day of action tomorrow.  Not only are the energetic PBR fans talking about everything that happened tonight, but those Oktoberfest party-goers that are roaming the streets of Milwaukee are also becoming very intrigued as to what the sport is all about.  Now that the PBR has made themselves known throughout town, tomorrow should be a fantastic performance as we look to sell out the FISERV Forum for the very first time!

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