Many Questions Remain Among Rodeo Fans Regarding The ERA’s Inaugural Year…


As the news of the Elite Rodeo Athletes rodeo organization announcing that tickets were available for purchase for the inaugural World Championship Series many more questions started arising among the rodeo fan base and the community itself.  As of today all of us at The Rodeo Round Up have been getting emails, phone calls, text messages and social media comments regarding this entire situation.  There are still more questions than answers and I want to take a minute and share my take and on all those questions that are coming from all of our loyal listeners and followers.

Many questions

Like I said earlier the loyal professional rodeo fans have many questions that are still remaining unanswered from the Elite Rodeo Athletes head office.  I will list many of them below and share my take and my feelings on some very important concerns that remain among rodeo fans.  Since this is such an uprising and controversial topic I will also share my personal thoughts through a video blog post which you will also be able to find posted during the WNFR at some point as answers come to light.  I encourage each and every one of you to call our website number and leave your comments, questions and/or thoughts on this subject as well.  We are very interested in hearing what these concerns are doing to your thought process regarding the ERA organization as we head into the 2015 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo (WNFR)!

Joe Beaver
22-time National Finals qualifier and all around legend Joe Beaver in Alamosa CO

1. How can the ERA sell tickets to their inaugural World Championship Series without knowing where and when the events will take place throughout the year?

Many rodeo fans are very nervous to  purchase tickets for an event that they think may never take place.  I have tried to find out information about this very topic and have not received any verifiable information about the schedule but am very interested to learn if, how and when this information will be available.

2.   We are about to enter the NFR with many of the people who have announced they will compete  in the ERA.  That being said fans have been waiting too long to know when will there be an ERA contest, in turn, how will this affect the ERA as an organization?

My thoughts on this are that the ERA organization and the contestants vowing to compete in it know much more than we do heading into the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.  I don’t think that the ERA would go in to such a big event for their superstars having such an unknown question that would have such a heavy impact on their athletes.

 3.   If these questions are not answered by the start of the NFR will the ERA’s supporters cry foul and walk away?

I personally do not think that the rodeo fans will have to wait and wonder for the entire length of the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo for answers.  Every year the PRCA Commissioner holds a press conference and these contestants and staff of the ERA know that as well.  The ERA knows much more than they are leading everyone to believe and want to make an impact and draw attention away from this year’s WNFR.

4.   Will the ERA organization still be able to be successful if they keep dragging their feet on this.   Especially going into the NFR? 

 I , much like all of you, have been frustrated and confused about the ERA seemingly not knowing what was going on.  The more we all sit back and think about it it makes since that the timing of all the important information is revealed at a precise moment that will make the biggest impact that it can during one of the biggest rodeo events of the year.

My video blog, which will be posted at some point during the WNFR coverage once answers start to come in, will go into even more detail than I talked about on this post.  I dig deeper into the questions and expand on my thoughts and insights regarding the entire ERA issue going all the way back to its conception.  I hope that you will listen to my thoughts and after researching your concerns and questions for yourselves come to your own conclusions and thoughts on this entire story line.  Like I said earlier I would ask you to all call into the Rodeo Round Up listener line and share your thoughts and insights so we can bring you all a future follow-up story.  We would love to include some of your comments in future posts regarding the ERA and everything that has been involved since the announcement of its formation!

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