Legendary PBR Stock Contractor To Leave The Bucking Bull Business….

2006 PBR Stock Contactor Of The Year Tom Teague Photo Credit:  PBR.com
It was announced last week that legendary Professional Bull Riders stock contractor Tom Teague will be leaving the business of raising and bucking some of the best animal athletes in the business.  Tom has owned or co-owned some of the top bucking bulls throughout the PBR’s 20 plus year history including 2005 World Champion Bucking Bull Bones, 2006 World Champion Bucking Bull Mossy Oak Mudslinger and the only three time World Champion Bucking Bull in the history of the PBR, Little Yellow Jacket.  Along with these great achievements he was also given the honor of having a bronze statue of Little Yellow Jacket placed in front of the PBR’s headquarters in Pueblo, Colorado.  Along with co-owning the 2006 World Champion Bucking Bull he was named the 2006 PBR Contractor of the Year as well as being given the distinction of being given the PBR’s Jim Shoulders Award.  Mr. Tom Teague was very instrumental in obtaining the television rights many years ago that brought the Professional Bull Riders onto televisions around the globe and will always be a legend within the professional bucking bull business.
Jason and his Rodeo Round Up team was able to catch up with Tom Teague at the Ring of Honor induction ceremony where he happily received his Jim Shoulders award and we have dug up the archives to allow you to get to know this great man and contractor legend.  The video interview is posted below for you to watch and enjoy!

The Will Rogers Coliseum in Ft. Worth, Texas will be the site of Tom Teague’s first sale which will take place on June 3, 2014.  During this sale people will have a chance to get their hands on some of his 2-,3- and 4-year-old bucking bulls.  This sale will be followed up with a mature cow and calf sale sometime in September of this year with a heifer sale at some point during the spring of 2015.  Tom will decide on a later date as well to sell all of his remaining 2013 bull calves as well.  There will be many chances throughout the next year and a half to purchase some of the best stock in the business today from one of the best known and legendary men in the business.
As Tom Teague steps back from the bucking bull business on a public level he is far from over regarding his career with the Professional Bull Riders organization.  In an interview with the PBR he states, “As my businesses continue to grow, I realize that my schedule can no longer accommodate the time necessary to continue to raise the world caliber bucking bulls commanded by the PBR. The sport continues to push the limits of excellence and needs programs that can support that end. There are many great bucking bull programs who produce great PBR athletes and I welcome them to continue as I intend to continue working as a member of its board of directors to take the sport to the next level.”
PBR’s Chairman and CEO Jim Haworth says, “Tom is a world class stock contractor, businessman and the PBR’s biggest supporter. He’ll be a part of the sport for years to come. The PBR respects his decision, knowing how difficult it was for him to make it, as he is a tireless man whose commitment knows no end.”  He also goes on to say, “We congratulate his success as a stock contractor and are excited for his future with the PBR.”






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