Lee Greenwood Concert At The Westgate Hotel and Casino Is A Must See This Year

I was able to have the extreme pleasure of getting to see a true country music icon live at the Westgate Hotel and Casino last night while in Las Vegas covering the 2014 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo with the Rodeo Round Up.  I was a bit skeptical after attending Sammy Kershaw’s show just a couple of nights earlier but was pleasantly surprised.  In my critique of Mr. Kershaw’s show I noted about the uniqueness of the venue and the ,what I thought, was an outdated sound system.  I am elated to say that I was mistaken and place the blame squarely on the hands of his own sound technicians as Lee Greenwood sounded fantastic the entire show and was a complete 180 from what I experienced two nights earlier.

Greenwood, a 72 year old country music icon, started amazing the crowd from his very first song and the first time he opened up his mouth to sing to his loyal fans  If you did not know who he was you could have never guessed that he was that old as he had more energy and stamina than a normal 40 year old artist travelling down the road today.  From clapping to running across the stage numerous times to mingling throughout the crowd Lee Greenwood did it all in his hour and a half engagement at the Westgate Hotel and Casino Showroom.

Lee Greenwood band

This talented musician not only can carry a tune like no one I have ever seen he is a very skilled artist on many different instruments as well.  The concert gave us a very close look as to how versed Lee Greenwood is and also opened up to the packed house with many personal stories and inspirations from what he has drawn his music writing skills from.  This shoe included two different saxophones, a keyboard and a whole ton of energy all of which Greenwood either played or showed us himself.  He also sang a song that has not yet been debuted on country music radio but pulls at the heartstrings  and talks about the struggles that our bravest men and women, our military, face each and every day.  All in all it was a fantastic night and I would highly recommend that you take time to see this show at the Westgate whenever you are in Las Vegas since it was hinted that he may be taking up residency at the Westgate Hotel and Casino in the very near future!







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