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Welcome to the new year and a new view….  Starting with Jason Hetland hosting our very first live Google Hangout On Air this Wednesday January 28, 2015 at 6pm CST.  We want you there!  The topic will be what’s new in the PBR and in the world of Rodeo.  He will also be taking questions and giving his insight, input and opinions.  Co-Host and manning the controls will be Mark Anthony.

2015 has just started and a lot has already happened in the rodeo world.  Winning streaks ended, ranking changed and some hot new talent are proving their stuff.  This will be an exciting year and you may want to hear what Jason has to say about it all.

What is This?

The Google Hangouts On Air is a live internet event and it is free (always like free).  If you can watch a YouTube video, you can participate in a Google Hangout.  Subscribe to our newsletter or register via the events page and we will keep you up to date on what is happening.  Right before the event, you will be notified via email or G+ that it’s about to start. Click the link provided and you will be there with the rest of us. .

Once we start, Jason will do the introductions and start the conversation.  You, the audience, can watch live as well as ask questions via the chat option on the event page.  Once the show is complete, the event will be available to watch anytime on our YouTube channel.

Will You Be There??







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