Jessica Holmberg and Anthony Lucia of “Rodeo Girls” visit the Rodeo Round Up

The Worlds Toughest Rodeo tour stopped in St. Paul Minnesota this past weekend and the Rodeo Round Up was there to cover all the action.  While there I had the pleasure of meeting up with two stars of the reality television show “Rodeo Girls” that airs on the A&E Network.  Anthony Lucia and Jessica Holmberg talked with me about their personal experiences on the show and what to expect in the near future!

“Rodeo Girls” reality star Jessica Holmberg talks with Jason Hetland

It is interesting to hear about how some of the show is “scripted” for audience numbers and how some of the coverage is actually filmed as it happens.  Since you have already heard Jessica’s take on the show click below to see the interview done with Jessica’s other half, Anthony Lucia, and find out what really happened between him Megan and Jessica!

Anthony Lucia talks about the back story to “Rodeo Girls”

It is funny to hear these two and the stories that they have about the cast members of the hit reality show “Rodeo Girls”.  Will there be a second season…. no one knows.  All I know is that these two love what they do and put their reputation in the line with each episode.  Anthony and Jessica may seem to have a lot of drama on the show but they are two of the nicest people that you will ever meet in this industry!






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