Injury Update Received On J.B. Mauney … Will He Ride Against J.W. Harris?


2013 PBR World Champion J.B. Mauney

The question on a lot of people’s minds is if J.B. Mauney will be able to ride in June against J.W. Harris in the much anticipated match-up in Decatur, Texas.  There has not been a lot of information about where J.B. is at after his injuries sustained at the Last Cowboy Standing event in Las Vegas.  He was riding Western Hauler when the bull lost his footing and landed directly on Mauney.  He was automatically awarded a re-ride, which he had to take if able, and was quickly wisked away by the Justin Sports Medicine Team for treatment.  As the event went on it was announced that J.B. was going to attempt his re-ride and was seen standing behind the chutes.  This was a great sign to all of his fans as he has been out of action for a few weeks due to injury and dropped to number ten in the World standings.

J,B, Mauney On Western Hauler At The Last Cowboy Standing Event

As the event went on it was reported that J.B. Mauney had decided not to take his re-ride and thus take him out of the competition for the $100,000 awarded to the winner of the event.  The only thought that was going through the minds of his fans was that something must be really wrong since Mauney is known for riding his bulls if absolutely possible.  As of the end of the event there has been no information as to how J.B. Mauney is doing in his recovery and there have been no updates on his condition.

jb and lexie

The Mauney Family (J.B., Lexie and Bella)

Today I had the opportunity to talk with J.B. Mauney’s Wife Lexie and got an exclusive update as to how he is doing and how rehabilitation is going .  She has given me the okay to release her statement right here on the Rodeo Round Up.  This is the statement that was given to me to post in order to update all of his loyal fans.

Lexie says, “The swelling in his elbow has finally gone down. Irritated that ligament again. Still limited on what he can lift. Plan on starting back to Riding with the elbow brace, at least tape it up if not. Hip seems to be fine. Has been working outside and around the house without any signs of giving to it. Today he went to go work cows with Jason Brumley. Hoping to be healed up specially the elbow for jw’s bullriding in Decatur.”

This is fantastic news for all of J.B. Mauney’s loyal fan base and I expect him to come back after the summer break with a vengeance in order to try to remain champion for the second straight year.  His next big ride this summer will be the match-up between himself as the PBR World Champion going head-to-head with the PRCA Bull Riding World Champion J.W. Harris.  It will be an interesting match since both riders have been injured and are healing up for a history making event!

Stay tuned to the Rodeo Round Up for continuing coverage over the summer break for all of your updates on your favorite PBR bull riders!







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