Injuries Have Major Impact In World Standings Race

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The Professional Bull Riders Built Ford Tough Series is now in full swing and things are starting to happen and story lines are starting to unfold.  Everything from the World Championship race to up and coming bull riders making a name for themselves on tour to injuries and eliminations have raised some eyebrows around the country from all of the loyal fans of the PBR.  One of the closely followed story lines is the injuries of some of the top 15 bull riders in the world standings and how that is affecting the world championship points race.

matt triplett

Matt Triplett started out this last weekend’s tour stop in Seattle in the number one spot in the world standings but was not competing or even at the arena.  Triplett was injured at the Albuquerque, New Mexico Ty Murray Invitational stop.  The Columbia Falls, Montana bull rider found out that he sustained a complete MCL tear to his left knee that would put him out for the majority of the 2015 season ending his world title bid.

There was good news once Dr. Tandy Freeman read over the results that made Triplett anxious to get back to action.  The phone call he received was much better news than he could have ever expected.  Dr. Freeman told the world number one bull rider that he did in fact have a complete grade 3 MCL tear but his PCL tear that was shown as well was from a previous injury and that he could be treated non-operatively which was news to Matt Triplett’s ears.

“Well, my first reaction was I still have this year to follow up on my dreams, so I am going to work my hardest and get it back to 100 percent and go from there,” Triplett said. “I am jacked. It is probably the best news ever. The way he was making it sound, it sounded like I was out forever, so I was really bummed out. I kind of felt like the whole year was gone for me.”

The news that he got from Dr. Tandy Freeman set this young and talented bull rider into overdrive to get ready to get back to action.  Triplett said, “I am going to come to Nampa and we will test it all out and go from there.”  He is planning on joining the tour again there or in Billings, Montana to keep chasing his dream to the world championship title that he lost the lead for in Seattle to Brazilian Joao Ricardo Vieira putting Triplett 5 points behind the new leader heading into the tour’s first bye weekend.  We will all have to wait and see if Matt Triplett is ready to re-join the tour once the bye weekend is over and the action resumes in Nampa, Idaho!

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