Important Fan Information Surrounding The 2017 WNFR

Now that the 2017 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo is coming into focus, the excitement and theatrics of the event itself takes over Las Vegas we bring Cowboy Town to the west once again.  This year, many changes have taken place, not only for the policies surrounding the WNFR but throughout the entire town as well.  All of us at the Rodeo Round Up would like each and every one of you to have the best time possible as you come and cheer on your favorite rodeo athletes and enjoy the fantastic shopping and entertainment that Las Vegas has to offer for ten days of western lifestyle culture invades Sin City.

This year, Las Vegas Events have instituted a new “Clear Bag Policy” which we will help define as well as given even more options for those not wanting to park at the Thomas & Mack for the nightly performances.  Along with the LVE and PRCA policy changes many will notice that much more of their spending cash will be going towards the parking fees that have been added to nearly every resort and casino, finding free parking next to impossible any longer.  We will also give you a couple of options to eliminate that frustration as well.

As the thousands of fans make their way to Las Vegas and the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association’s Wrangler National Finals Rodeo one big thing will be changing that will make you think twice about your plans earlier in the day.  If you are one that loves to find all of the deals around the unique shopping experiences like the Stetson Cowboy Christmas of the Cowboy Christmas show at the convention center you will want to take note of one of the most notable changes you will expect to see this year.

Much like many other professional sports, the world of professional rodeo is taking strides in the safety of all contestants and fans.  One of the changes you will see in full force this year will be that of the new “Clear Bag Policy” which simply implies that only small clear bags, much like those you are allowed to bring to a baseball or football game, will be allowed to pass through the security screening areas.  That being said, there are a few exceptions that will be allowed and we have broke it down as simple as we could in the above graphic so if you have any questions about what will be allowed and what will not be allowed, please refer to the picture above.  Along with the new policy it is strongly recommended that you do not leave any personal belongings in plain sight in your vehicles so that nothing happens while you are inside enjoying the performances throughout the ten days in Las Vegas!

Now, onto the main focus that will surely drain a lot of your spending money from your pockets if you are not careful.  Over the last couple of years the hotel and casino resorts in Las Vegas have changed the dynamic of what visitors and tourists can expect but do not say anything about it until you arrive to find out for yourself.  All of us here at the Rodeo Round Up want to bring this huge change to your attention so that you have plenty of time to prepare for it and you are not smacked in the face with its reality upon checking into your resort property.

As you all pour into Las Vegas this December you can expect to pay for parking no matter where you are at as most of the resorts no longer offer free parking and is not included into your “daily resort fee” either.  This year, the PRCA and LVE have made it even easier for you to get to and from the arena with expanded free bus shuttle service that will pick you up at the doorstep and drop you off right at the arena, all for just a couple dollar tip to the driver, much less than what you would pay renting a car with all the extra fees attached.  If you want to get around town without paying for parking or the worry of leaving a vehicle after indulging a little too much there is another fantastic option for you as well!

If waiting in long lines for the free Wrangler National Finals Rodeo Shuttle is not in your deck of cards you can join the Rodeo Round Up team by taking another way to wherever you are going throughout Sin City during your stay.  No matter what time of day or night you need a ride we have come up with a solution for you, the fans, of  For many years we have taken taxis which cut into our spending money substantially but now there is another option.

For the past two years the town has been taken over by privately owned vehicles that offer discounted rides in a comfortable setting.  The UBER craze has finally come to Las Vegas and can get you to wherever you need to go at a fraction of the cost.  The Rodeo Round Up team has also given you the opportunity to try it for next to nothing and save even more money on your first four rides.  It is simple, copy and paste the code, jasonh25919ue into your downloaded UBER app and register for your first ride.  During your time at the 2017 WNFR you will save $5.00 off of your first four rides as you enjoy yourselves throughout the week and stay safe doing it all while saving money on all the parking prices that have been instituted at almost every hotel and casino!

As the 2017 Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association comes to an abrupt end, the time is now to start to make plans on how to best enjoy your time out in Las Vegas for the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.  Along with making plans, it is important to understand all of the policy changes and options that you have so there are absolutely no problems or hard feelings and that you can have a seamless experience in out west.  We hope that the above information sheds some light on those changes and options that you have.  That being said, there are many entertainment options you have to choose from but we invite you to join us at the Tropicana, this year’s host of the Legendary Gary Lefew Buck N’ Ball each night following the 2017 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo!

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