Humility Is Alive Within The Bull Riding Stock Contractor Family….

humility lives

The loyal fans of both the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association and the Professional Bull Riders organization have a chance to meet their favorite athletes, contract personnel and stock contractors throughout the year.  Many times that is the only chance that these folks have to talk to them and say what they need to and what they feel in their hearts.  Many times these conversations revolve around personal stories and/or thankfulness for the courage that their favorite rodeo stars have given them throughout their lifetime.  Many times that is where the conversation ends and those mere two minutes go by the wayside.

matt and Magic Train

PBR Stock Contractor Matt Scharping

When the Rodeo Round Up team was in Las Vegas covering the 2015 PBR World Finals we got a chance to spend some time with Minnesota’s own stock contractor Matt Scharping.  Much like the term “Minnesota Nice” he went above and beyond to make sure to give our team everything they needed to bring our followers behind the scenes and spend some time themselves with bucking bull greats Air Time and Lane’s Magic Train.  Much like our time with him he showed everyone yet another level that this man gives to his fans and fans of Jared Allen’s Pro Bull Team through social media.

There are many times that rodeo fans try and interact with their favorite rodeo stars and much to their dismay their messages are never answered.  This is not because they do not want to answer each and every one of the comments but many of these athletes have media teams and do not actually answer or work with their social media platforms themselves.  Trust me when I say this …. these rodeo stars are very appreciative of all the support and all of you reaching out to them.  With that being said Matt Scharping goes above and beyond for all of his and his bull team’s fans.

mat convo

What you read above may not mean a whole lot to you as adult fans but what Matt Scharping did for this young up and coming bull rider will mean the world to him for many years to come.  As you can see this young man reached out to him regarding his love for Magic Train and Air Time and could have gone unnoticed but that is not the kind of man that Matt Scharping is.  Not only did he recognize that this young kiddo was reaching out to him he gave him personal words of encouragement along with it.  Like I said this may seem simple to some of you but I can guarantee this young bull rider will grow up respecting all those involved in the sport a little bit more simply because Matt took a few seconds out of his say to acknowledge this fan’s interaction with him.  Great job Matt and I hope this brings a new perspective to the private side of rodeo life for fans across the nation!!

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