Huge Announcements Were Made At Joint Press Conference Today!!

iron cowboy

This 2015 edition of the Professional Bull Riders iron Cowboy VI and the RFD-TV’s The American started off today with the joint press conference and a wonderful catered lunch given by our friends at AT&T Stadium.  Not only was the food outstanding but the huge announcements that were brought to the forefront stunned everyone that was in attendance.  If you think that this year’s events were going to be great we found out today that things are going to get even better each and every year.  Along with that we all found out who we can watch compete in a very special PBR pay-per-view on May 30th.

The upcoming “Finished Business” pay-per-view featuring some of the greatest retired World Champions just got a whole lot more exciting after today’s blockbuster announcement.  During the press conference today all of these past World Champions were front and center and created quite the buzz around the media folks as we all filed in and waiting for the information to come forward.  Along with already announced participants Michael Gaffney, Justin McBride, Chris Shivers, Ross Coleman and the Iron Man himself J.W. Hart were the rest of the men vying for the huge $160,000 winner take all payday.

Group Photo

Newly Announced Unfinished Business Contestants

Photo Credit:  DMW Photography

 Once the CEO of the Professional Bull Riders, Jim Haworth, started the festivities for the day it was announced that the 1999 PBR Rookie of the Year Mike White, the 2000 PBR World Finals event winner Tater Porter and the 1992 PRCA bull riding World Champion Cody Custer have also committed to competing in the upcoming pay-per-view special.  Deep in our hearts and minds I think we all knew that these boys could not stay off the back of a bucking bull with paydays amounting to that much cash for 8 seconds of work.  To say the least to you will see the elite, the top of the top and the legends that you never thought you would see again on May 30th!  Hold on to your cowboy hats as this is going to be one very special event!

Randy Bernard

RFD-TV CEO Randy Bernard and Richmond Champion

Photo Credit:  DMW Photography

There was more exciting news that came from the press conference as well but was tilted towards the richest one-day rodeo in the history of western sports, the RFD-TV’s The American.  Once it was time for the CEO of RFD-TV, Randy Bernard, to step up to the microphone it started to set in that we all were going to witness something special in just two short days.  The biggest announcement from the RFD-TV camp was that if a qualifier does not win the 1 million dollar prize all the other winners will receive a $250,000 paycheck as opposed to the $100,000 that was promised last year!  Now with that being said I wonder what these folks will come up with next to keep one upping themselves each and every year.  This should be very exciting to be a part of for many years to come!


PBR World Champion Bucking Bull Asteroid

Along with all of the exciting news that came out of the two camps it was also time to get ready to say good bye to another legend of the sport.  Long time and well respected contractor Circle T Ranch & Rodeo announced earlier this year that one of his prized bucking bulls would retire following the bounty bull ride at this year’s RFD-TV’s The American.  Every one of the fans inside the AT&T Stadium will witness one of the greatest bucking bulls of all time, Asteroid, make his final trip out of the PBR BFTS bucking chutes.  This 2012 World Champion bucking bull will be missed greatly and will go out on top just as a legend like himself should.

If you can not be in attendance make sure you do not miss any of the action as it is televised live from Arlington, Texas tomorrow and Sunday. You can catch all of the excitement on CBS Sports Network starting Saturday night at 10 PM Eastern for the Professional Bull Riders Iron Cowboy VI.  The action doesn’t stop there as the RFD-TV’s The American is live on RFD-TV as well on Sunday afternoon with coverage starting at 1 PM Eastern!


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