History Making Helldorado Days Rodeo Comes To A Close

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This year’s 82nd annual Helldorado Days Festival and Rodeo made history in more ways than one and made its mark on the western sports industry this weekend in Las Vegas.  In hopes of rejuvenating this iconic event the decision was made to team up with the Professional Bull Riders to bring their Built Ford Tough Series major event, The Last Cowboy Standing, in on the weekend.  That decision was obviously the right choice as this year’s event was one of the biggest ever.

After a very exciting and action packed weekend it was time for the final performance to take place and the curtain to drop on a super successful western sports industry weekend.  I have a feeling this will not be the last of the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association and the Professional Bull Riders joining forces to make a huge statement.  Word on the street it that the Helldorado Days committee has already began talks with the PBR to once again combine to make their 2017 event even bigger and better!

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All Seven Of The Wright Boys Compete Together For The First Time

Photo Credit:  Tom Donoghue

This weekend there was history that was made and something that will be cherished by one rodeo family for many years to come.  Although the last name. Wright, is well known among the professional rodeo community that family has always dreamed of competing in the same PCRA sanctioned rodeo much less in the very same performance.  This weekend that dream that they have had for years finally became a reality in front of thousands of fans that packed the festival grounds to witness it live.

Everyone knows that the Wright family or anyone associated with that family have a knack for competing in the rodeo industry, specifically within the classic sport of saddle bronc riding.  The family have claimed numerous Wrangler National Finals Rodeo round wins throughout the past several years but that is not all.  Along with the round wins come several World Championships which makes competition within the family a fun atmosphere to watch.  In round two here this weekend we witnessed all seven boys compete in the same performance for the first time ever!

Helldorado Days Western backround

Bareback Riding:

1. Casey Colletti (Pueblo, Colorado) – 86 points – $2,836.92
2. Ty Breuer (Mandan, North Dakota) – 84 points – $2,174.94
3. George R. Gillespie IV (Hamilton, Montana) – 83 points – $1,607.58
4. Luke Creasy (Denton, Texas) – 82 points – $1,040.20
5/6. Wyatt Denny (Minden, Nevada) / Shane O’Connell (Rapid City, South Dakota) – 81.5 points – $567.38

Steer Wrestling:

1/2. Tom Lewis (Lehi, Utah) / Ross Mosher (Augusta, Montana) – 3.8 seconds – $2,283.73
3. Olin Hannum (Malad, Idaho) – 4.2 seconds – $1,805.74
4/5/6. Blake Knowles (Heppner, Oregon)/ Cody Cabral (Hilo, Hawaii)/ Morgan Grant (Didsbury, Alberta) $1,168.42

 Saddle Bronc Riding:

1. Cody Wright (Milford, Utah) – 85 points – $2,887.68
2. Jacobs Crawley (Boerne, Texas) – 84 points – $2,213.88
3. Allen Boore (Axtell, Utah) – 83 points – $1,636.35
4. Tyrell J. Smith (Great Falls, Montana) – 80.5 points – $1,058.81
5. Sam Spreadborough (Snyder, Texas) – 79 points – $673.79

 Tie Down Roping:

1. Marty Yates (Stephenville, Texas) – 7.4 seconds – $2,486.30
2. Reese Riemer (Stinnett, Texas) – 8.2 seconds – $2,162
3. Roy Branco (Chowchillia, California) – 8.7 seconds – $1,837.70
4/5 Clint Robinson (Spanish Fork, Utah) / Morgan Grant (Didsbury, Alberta) – 8.8 seconds – $1,351.25

 Team Roping:

1. Randon Adams (Logandale, Nevada) / Jory Levy (Logandale, Nevada) – 4.4 seconds – $1,762.03 each
2. Thad Ward (Howell, Utah)/ Olin Pulham (Payson, Utah) – 4.6 seconds – $1,532.20 each
3. J.T. Taylor (Banning, California) / Brandon Bates (Romoland, California) – 5.0 – $1,302.37 each
4. Tom Richards (Humboldt, Arizona) / Evan Arnold (Santa Margarita, California) – 5.1 – $1,072.54 each
5. Seth Hall (Albuquerque, New Mexico) / Byron Wilkerson (Duncan, Arizona) – 6.4 – $842.71 each

 Barrel Racing:

1. Ivy Conrado (Hudson, Colorado) – 14.17 seconds – $3,135.84
2. Rachel Dice (Livermore, California) – 14.20 seconds – $2,508.67
3. Sarah Rose McDonald (Brunswick, Georgia) – 14.29 seconds – $2,038.28
4. Kallie Wonnacott (Bluffdale, Utah) – 14.30 seconds – $1,567.92
5. Cassidy Kruse (Gillette, Wyoming) – 14.32 seconds – $1,254.33

Bull Riding:

1. Colten Jesse (Konawa, Oklahoma) – 84.5 points – $3,299.40
2/3. Tag Elliott (Thatcher, Utah)/ Garrett Smith (Rexburg, Idaho) – 84 points – $2,199.60
4. Sage Steele Kimzey (Strong City, Oklahoma) – 80 points – $1,209.78
5. Kurtis Turner (Washington, Utah) – 79.5 points – $769.86

 All – Around Results:

1. Morgan Grant – $2,519.67
2. Clint Robinson – $1,964.13
3. Cody Cabral – $1,168.42
4. Seth Hall – $842.71
5. Jack Vanderlans – $702.65
6. Stetson Vest – $612.88
7. Ryan Jarrett – $108.10

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