Helldorado Days Event Continues To Impress!!

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Things were hot in Las Vegas earlier today not only because the summer desert sun was shining bright but because the second performance of the 82nd annual Helldorado Days Festival and Rodeo was taking place as part of an historic weekend within the western sports industry.  The rodeo performances joined forces with the Professional Bull Riders to include its Last Cowboy Standing event this weekend as well.  Tomorrow one PBR superstar will switch gears and try his hand at the PRCA event on the third and final performance helps draw this fantastic weekend to a close.

That being said, we need to focus on the action that was going to happen on the arena floor today in round two where many notable names will take their turn much like 24 hours ago.  Even though all seven of the classic professional rodeo events will be taking place the focus of a majority of the rodeo fans in attendance was the classic rodeo event of saddle bronc riding.  Today twelve contestants will make their mark on the event but, believe it or not, seven of them have the exact same last name and are in fact related!


Jesse Is One Of Seven Wright Family Members Here In Round Two

Photo Credit:  Debbie D Anthony Photography

The Helldorado Days Rodeo is one of those events that cowboys and cowgirls dream of competing at from the moment that they receive their PRCA or WPRA permits and cards.  Not only have several members of one specific family dreamed of competing here but to do it together all in one day is something that they never could have imagined in their wildest dreams.  Today the dream that the seven of them share became a reality as history was made at the 82nd annual Helldorado Days Rodeo!

As the Saturday performance began it was quickly established that today’s round two would be coined as everything going the “Wright Way”.  The Wright family have been making their marks within the saddle bronc riding division for years as at least one of them have made their way to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo over the past several years.  Today was a first for them as Jesse, Alex, Jake, Cody, Rusty, Ryder and Spencer would all compete together at this iconic rodeo all being in the very same performance!


Iowa Bull Rider Freeman Yoder Competes In Round Two

Photo Credit:  Debbie D Anthony Photography

 Growing up around the rodeo industry and seeing many of these up and coming PRCA young guns rodeo at an early age it is exciting for me to see one of those here this weekend in Las Vegas.  While announcing for a rodeo association in Iowa for many years I have had the pleasure of seeing bull rider Freeman Yoder grow up into the role model he is today.  In round two earlier this afternoon I had the honor of watching him compete at one of the events he has dreamed about competing at for years.  Along with the young guns like Yoder fans in attendance had the chance to see some of their favorite rodeo athletes perform in person which made for a spectacular round two of action!

We saw some changes to the leader board after round two and the breakdowns of each event are below which will show the current top three in each event leading up to Sunday Afternoon’s third and final round of the 82nd annual Helldorado Days Festival and Rodeo:

Bareback Riding:

1. 86 points – Casey Colletti
2. 84 points – Ty Breuer
3. 83 points – George Gillespie

 Steer Wrestling

1. 4.5 seconds – Blake Knowles
2. 5.0 seconds – Josh Garner
3. 5.2 seconds – Judd Austin

 Saddle Bronc Riding

1. 85 points – Cody Wright
2. 84 points – Jacobs Crawley
3. 83 points – Allen Boore

 Tie Down Roping

1. 8.8 seconds – Clint Robertson
2. 9.0 seconds – Jack Vanderlans
3. 10.0 seconds – Josh Jennings

 Team Roping

1. 4,4 seconds – Randon Adams/ Jory Levy
2. 4.6 seconds – Thad Ward / Olin Pulham
3. 6.4 seconds – Seth Hall/ Byron Wilkerson

 Barrel Racing

1.14.40 seconds – Kassi Venturacci
2 14.50 seconds – Jackie Ganter
3 14. 54 seconds – Sammi Bessert

 Bull Riding

1. 84 points – Tag Elliott and Garrett Smith (tie)
3. 80 – Sage Kimzey

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As tomorrow’s round three comes up in just a little under 24 hours from now, Sunday afternoon will be one day that rodeo fans will remember for many years to come.  Championship Sunday will mark the close of a successful weekend in western sports history as the PRCA and the Helldorado Days Rodeo joined together with the PBR’s Built Ford Tough Series to bring the third major of the 2016 season into their event as Las Vegas played host to the Last Cowboy Standing event.  Thank you to the committee and all those involved in bringing you the daily coverage that we have provided this weekend.  We now look ahead to the busy “Cowboy Christmas” run to bring you recaps of all the action from across the country!

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