Guilherme Marchi Rides His 500th Career Bull On U.S. Soil At The American!

Rodeo - The American - Dallas Texas -  Sunday 2nd March 2014 - AT&T Stadium - Dallas

Guilherme Marchi rides Palm Springs for his 500th career ride on U.S. soil

Photo Credit: Simon King @

History was not only made as the RFD-TV’s The American became the richest one day rodeo but PBR bull rider Guilherme Marchi rode his 500th Bull of his career.  His 499th ride came on Saturday at the Professional Bull Riders Dr. Pepper Iron Cowboy V event at AT&T Stadium.  He received a first round pass as being one of the top 8 bull riders on tour last year.  In the second round he was paired up with Redneck and covered him for a 87.50 score to obtain his 499th ride.  The Rodeo Round Up team was arena side to cover all of his rides throughout the weekend.

Guilherme Marchi’s 499th Ride aboard Redneck at Iron Cowboy V

Guilherme Marchi was not able to cover any other bulls at the Iron Cowboy V event so going into Phoenix next weekend he is sitting at 499 rides for his PBR BFTS career.  He came into the RFD-TV’s The American event one ride away from having his 500th career ride on U.S. soil.  At this non sanctioned event he was paired up with a bull by the name of Palm Springs which he covered for 89.75 points and his 500th career ride.  Media was quick to find out that this ride would not count towards his 500 in the Built Ford Tough Series standings since it was not a Professional Bull Riders event but that did not matter to the fans or himself for that matter.  Guilherme knew what he had accomplished and he told me that it just fueled the fire to ride one more next weekend to obtain that 500 career ride mark in the PBR even though, in his mind, he has already accomplished it.  There was a lot of talk about why it was not counted but after talking to PBR CEO Jim Haworth I can tell you that it will be well worth his wait to get his 500th ride in the PBR!  Below is the video I took of Guilherme Marchi riding Palm Springs at the American event at AT&T Stadium.

Guilherme Marchi’s 500th career ride at the American aboard Palm Springs

Like I said this ride does not count toward his 500 career ride mark in the Professional Bull Riders organization but it is still a huge achievement in his bull riding career.  You will need to tune into CBS Sports Network this weekend to watch him try to obtain that 500 ride mark while the Built Ford Tough Series comes to Phoenix!  Stay tuned to the Rodeo Round Up throughout the next couple of weeks to see the complete coverage from the Rodeo Round Up while covering both the Iron Cowboy V and the American events at AT&T Stadium in Arlington Texas!







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