Greensboro Kicks Off The Second To Last Event Of The 2018 PBR Season

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As the 2018 Professional Bull Riders 25th Anniversary Monster Energy Unleash The Beast Tour continues to work its way towards the official end of the regular season, the top bull riders in the world made their way to Greensboro, North Carolina this weekend.  Once the Cooper Tires Take The Money And Ride event was upon us, the nerves of those cowboys in the locker room were on edge with those outside of the bubble hoping to have a weekend to remember.  The Greensboro Coliseum was about to pop open up the doors and let the loyal PBR fans on the east coast find their seats and watch history begin to unfold before their very eyes on a Saturday Night.  The main question on everyone’s minds was how would the bull riders hold up late in the season and who would take advantage of the opportunity that has been placed in front of them.

Once the doors opened and the lights began shining brightly down on the arena floor, the fans that invaded the Greensboro Coliseum for the Cooper Tires Take The Money And Ride event were all left wondering exactly how the eventing’s action would play out.  All in attendance along with those watching at home knew that the time was winding down for any of those guys in the locker room to make big moves and give themselves a shot at competing in Las Vegas in just about three week’s time.  The anxiety and nervousness tension that filled the air could be felt in all nooks and crannies of the arena.  That being said, the chatter was running crazy and the talk of the town was how the alternates and invitees would perform and how the world title race would look after the conclusion here tomorrow afternoon.

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Chase Outlaw Continues His Push Towards Las Vegas

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Following a weekend that meant more than just returning to the arena, Professional Bull Riders veteran rider Chase Outlaw made a brilliant comeback last weekend in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Knowing that he had a long road in front of him he came in full of swagger and confidence as he took time to realize what that moment meant not only to him and his loyal fans but to the sport as a whole as well.  After suffering what could have been a career-ending injury, he came to the arena with all intentions of making his seventh consecutive PBR World Finals event and did exactly what he had to do to begin the long journey back to Las Vegas.  He would come into Greensboro, North Carolina this weekend looking to continue the trend he started and march closer to and ultimately into the tp thirty-five bull riders in the world standings.

Tonight, as the 2018 Cooper Tires Take The Money And Run event began inside of the beautiful Greensboro Coliseum this Arkansas bull rider was looking to continue his fortune and leave with enough points tomorrow afternoon to be in serious contention to make it to Las Vegas.  His match-up tonight would be quite unknown. much like most of them here in round one, but he would be able to take advantage of a newer bovine athlete on tour to pick up some precious world title race points.  Earlier tonight, Outlaw would be able to make it to the eight-second buzzer aboard Gold Spur Ranch’s Black Cat to the tune of 86.75 points giving him the number three spot in the round and earning another fifty world title race points to his ultimate goal of making another PBR World Finals event appearance!

Complete List Of Qualified Rides Fron Round One In Greensboro:

Cannon Cravens (88.75)                                                                       Matt Triplett (87.25)

Chase Outlaw (86.75)                                                                            Luciano De Castro (85.75)

Cody Teel (85.25)                                                                                   J.B. Mauney (85.25)

Dener Barbosa (85.00)                                                                         Ramon de Lima (84.25)

Claudio Montanha Jr. (84.25)                                                             Fabiano Vieira (83.75)

Kaique Pacheco (83.50)                                                                        Cody Nance (80.75)

Eduardo Aparecido (78.75)                                                                  Jose Vitor Leme (76.50)

Cannon Cravens Claims The Round One Win In Greensboro

Photo Credit: Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

Hoping to find the gold at the end of the rainbow, the top thirty-five bull riders in the world made their way to Greensboro, North Carolina to compete for the 2018 Professional Bull Riders 25th Anniversary Monster Energy Unleash The Beast Cooper Tires Take The Money And Ride event title.  Coming into tonight’s round one action, the bovine athletes were virtually unknown for the most part, leaving all of us to wonder how the night would play out.  That being said, the night looked like it was going to be pretty grim as riders would go down one by one, leaving only four qualified rides on the books before the top ten in the world took their turns.  Once they began later in the night, the entire look of how round one would play out took a dramatic turn after all ten would ride their bulls to the eight-second buzzer.

Although the twenty-five guys before them had a rough go at it tonight, there would be a few lights that would be able to shine brightly, including that of an eighteen-year-old Oklahoma cowboy who would make history on Saturday night in Greensboro.  Cannon Cravens came into tonight’s action never seeing the bright lights of the Monster Energy Unleash The Beast Tour but that did not stop him from earning 100 world title race points and his first ever round win.  He would be in good company as the last time that this would happen would have been two years ago when Nevada Newman took home his first career round win on his very first bull on tour.  After earning the round win with an 88.75 point ride aboard Dakota Rodeo – Chad Berger/T-Raybulls/Paradigm Bull Co/Rockin T Ranch’s Reign Lashes Testified the Oklahoma cowboy would be one of the youngest to ever win a round that would put him right next to PBR World Champion Jess Lockwood in the history books moving forward!

In a round one that was virtually unknown, we found out exactly what each and every one of the cowboys had left in the tank as we inch towards the end of the regular season on the 2018 25th Anniversary Monster Energy Unleash The Beast Tour.  Tonight, we were taken back a little it as rider after rider continued to fall by the wayside but was quickly turned around once the top ten bull riders in the world standings took center stage that would completely save the final look of what the outcome would be once the action concluded.  Although there was not much to cheer about, those watching either live or at home were able to watch history as Cannon Cravens would win his very first round on his very first bull in the Unleash The Beast Tour at the very young age of eighteen to put his name right next to PBR World Champion Jess Lockwood in the history books!

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