Get To Know PRCA Saddle Bronc Rider Kaila Mussell A Little Better!


The world of professional rodeo, especially within the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association, has changed drastically without many people knowing the major changed that has happened right before your eyes.  The history lesson that we are going to be talking about started way back in 2002 at a  little rodeo up in the Pacific Northwest in a town called Prineville, Oregon.  That day those in attendance witnessed history as the first woman to ever place in a roughstock event did just that!


PRCA Saddle Bronc Rider Kaila Mussell

Photo Courtesy of Filene Mussell

This true Canadian cowgirl loves the sport of professional rodeo and knew from a young age that she wanted to be a force in the male-dominated event of saddle bronc riding.  Once her decision was made to compete on a professional level she entered her first PRCA rodeo in 2002 where she ended up taking home a fourth place finish.  Less than a year later she made history once again by becoming the first woman in the history of the PRCA to fill her permit to become a full fledged member of the PRCA organization.

Along with everything that this cowgirl has done to change the sport of professional rodeo she also fulfilled one of her personal goals early on in her career.  Just over a year after entering her first PRCA rodeo she was honored with being named the first woman to win a PRCA rodeo in saddle bronc riding at a rodeo in Enumclaw, Washington.  Ever since her start back in 2002 she has not slowed down or looked back as she continues to make huge strides within the professional rodeo industry.

camus photo

Kaila Mussell Competing At A PRCA Rodeo

Photo Credit:  Thomas Camus Photography

Throughout her rodeo career she has excelled at all events she has competed or participated in.  She started competing in the barrel racing and steer riding events at a young age and as she grew older her focus shifted to another part of rodeo.  Once she saw the talent that was seen while watching some trick riders at a rodeo she was set on learning how to do that as well.  After learning the trade she was honored to show off her skills at Canada’s biggest rodeo event, the Calgary Stampede!

 This native Canadian cowgirl has continued her dominance while bringing home many honors and awards throughout the last 10+ years as a saddle bronc rider in the PRCA.  Back in 2007 she was named as a Mesquite Rodeo Series Finalist in Texas among many more memorable moments.  In 2010 she was a Columbia River Circuit Finalist while becoming a finalist at the 2012 Indian National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas.  After suffering a career ending broken neck, so everyone thought, she came back strong and started out the 2015 season by being crowned BCRA Saddle Bronc Champion.

google hang out

All of us at and AVID Visual Imagery Rodeo Photography are very excited to announce a special opportunity that we are going to give each and every one of you.  After talking with Kaila and being given the okay to tell her story we have decided to let all of you into a conversation that we have set up with this rodeo sensation.  Kaila is very excited to be able to answer all of your questions and respond to some comments that you, as rodeo fans, may have for this young saddle bronc rider that is blazing a trail within the PRCA!

We invite you to join us on a LIVE Google Hang Out that is scheduled for Wednesday February 10th at 8 PM Central Time.  This will be an opportunity to give you all a chance to get to know Kaila a little better and find out why she chose not to conform to the norm.  She will talk about her decision to blaze a trail for women within the PRCA, answer some of your questions, respond to some of your comments and talk about her journey through the years.  We are excited to bring this opportunity to each of you as well.  If you would like to learn more about her before this live event you can visit her social media pages.  Her facebook page and be viewed by clicking here or follow her on Instagram by liking her at @kailamussell.

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