Get To Know Cowboy Artist Chance Hays

While covering the 2017 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo you never know who you might just run into walking through your very own host hotel.  This year I was given the opportunity to meet Chance Hays for the first time as he was painting in the main lobby of the MGM Grand.  I stood in awe watching this man bring a blank white canvas to life with small little strokes of a paintbrush.  After watching him for some time I began chatting with him about his history and he started to share his story with me.

I was listening contently as I panned my eyes around the roped off area before he invited me in to take a closer look.  Walking around with the artist and getting first-hand accounts of the inspiration behind each of them was a very unique experience.  After we were done chatting he wanted me to go get my video and audio equipment so that we could share his story with all of the fans and followers of the Rodeo Round Up!  To say it was a special time is not saying enough as we found out who Chance Hays really is.

Not only is Chance Hays a very accomplished contemporary cowboy artist but he is a talented roping cowboy as well.  Splitting his time between his art and his rodeo career go hand in hand and help him bring both of these aspects into perspective when he needs it.  From qualifying for the International Finals Rodeo in Oklahoma City to coming to paint during the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, this cowboy has the best of both worlds, being in a city he loves during the biggest rodeo week of the year while sharing his love and inspirations on blank canvases for all to see at the “Home of the Champions”, the MGM Grand!

As if that was not enough to keep Chance Hays busy, he now is licensed artist with our friends and partners from Wrangler.  All across town and right here at the MGM Grand you can now purchase Wrangler t-shirts with some of his art pieces featured on the front of them.  If you take a minute to look closely you can see all of the minor details and beautiful brush strokes that are put into each piece.  I was able to walk through his mini-gallery at the MGM Grand and find out more about him in the interview below!  We hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Now that you know Chance Hays a little bit better, all of us at the Rodeo Round Up and Warriors and Rodeo have a very special and exciting announcement to make.  His at usually goes for between $1,800 and $15,000 each but I have partnered up with him to donate one very special piece of art that he has personally chosen.  Not only will this piece NEVER be duplicated but the addition of the Warriors and Rodeo logo within the painting will surely make this one of a kind!

Chase Hays has always been a huge supporter of our men and women in uniform and he felt compelled to donate a piece at no charge to help generate some money for this great organization.  That being said, I am honored to be able to present to each of you our original piece created by Chase Hays for the Warriors and Rodeo organization.  Take a look above to see it for yourself as we are proud to unveil it here on the Rodeo Round Up!  Keep an eye out to see how you can make this yours as we are set to raise money for the Warriors and Rodeo organization.

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