Game Over: Vegas Wins NFR Stays in Vegas!

Las Vegas NFR

Las Vegas IS home to The National Finals Rodeo

Big news coming out today as the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association’s Board of Directors have finally decided where the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo (NFR) will be starting in 2015.  The question is where and the answer is it is not going anywhere.

I was told today by a reliable source that the PRCA Board of Directors voted to keep the Superbowl of rodeo where it has been for the past 29 years and will continue to be for the next 10 years.  Las Vegas Events was given a counter offer by the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association and it looks like they stepped up to the plate.

NFR Las Vegas Drama Continues

News is still very sketchy as an official announcement of what the final details are of the proposal is yet to be announced.  I can tell you that my sources tell me that the Texas bid was even bigger than what the Florida bid was and the PRCA gave Las Vegas Events the option to match the Texas bid, which was a great bid, and the investors in the current home of the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo did just that.

We will all find out more regarding the actual proposal in the near future but for now the National Finals is staying put.


PRCA Reining Overall World Champion Trevor Brazile

Now who knows what this will mean for the cowboys and cowgirls that have aligned together to form a new association and leave the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association.  No one has heard anything from that camp since early January when it was announced.  What does this mean and what can we expect from them in the near future?  We will all have to wait to see if these athletes stay put or still split and form their new organization.

Now that Las Vegas is called home to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo does this open up the other two cities as options for their association finals in the future?  Will there still be a defection?  Will the newly motivated investors in Las Vegas keep the top cowboys and cowgirls in the PRCA and have them perform at the National Finals Rodeo?

All these questions are still very much on the table.  The only thing we all know now is that the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo will continue to be in Las Vegas.  This news is only a small part to the drama surrounding the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association and The Rodeo Round Up will continue to stay on top of all the late breaking news that will be coming in the very near future!






4 responses to “Game Over: Vegas Wins NFR Stays in Vegas!”

  1. Brad Dutcher Avatar
    Brad Dutcher

    About time PRCA best decision you could have made. Maybe it will move to the new arena that will be built behind the new york new york ground breaking to happen soon, or a new arena also being considered down town by the new arts center. FYI the Thomas and mack is being upgraded this year with new paint new plumbing through out and new electrical.

  2. Guy Avatar

    I like the NFR in Las Vegas BUT, it is very trashy of the PRCA to show the Texas bid and allow Vegas to match. Vegas had their chance and then Texas stuck their neck out to win. Bad way to do business. Texas should re-evaluate holding PRCA rodeos. I would never do business with anyone of such shallow morals.

  3. April Avatar

    I like it when the cows win!

  4. Terry Craiglow Avatar
    Terry Craiglow

    Vegas is the place. cabs instead of rental cars, enough hotels close together reasonable to fly there. just need a new arena. keep the cowboys and the Pendleton whiskey in cabs.

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