Expect to See Something New At The PBR World Finals This Year?!…


The 2014 Professional Bull Riders World Finals is just over two weeks away inside the Thomas & Mack Center in sin city, Las Vegas, Nevada!  Everyone can expect to see the same quality entertainment showcasing your favorite and world’s best bull riders.  Although many things will remain the same throughout the week there is one major change that people may not have expected to ever see in the Professional Bull Riders organization.  Yes the city, time, and events are the same but what is the one thing people have been shocked to hear regarding this year’s World Finals performance?

cody webster

Cody Webster, Professional Bullfighter

There is a name that is expected to be heard at any of the recent past or upcoming Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association’s Wrangler National Finals Rodeo and that is bullfighter Cody Webster.  This year Webster is joining the ranks of the PBR to join namesake bullfighters Jesse Bryne, Shorty Gorham and is lifelong icon and role model Frank Newsome.  Cody Webster is regarded as one of the best bullfighters in the business within the PRCA and will now work along side the best in the business protecting the best bull riders in the world at this year’s PBR World Finals.  Webster and Newsome have a long past together that has brought them as close as they can be to family and will finally work side by side in just over two weeks!

frank newsome

PBR Bullfighter Frank Newsome

Photo Credit: Andy Watson of BullstockMedia.com

The history between these two great bullfighters started on Newsome’s front porch 11 years ago with Webster showing up at his door ready to learn from the best in the business.  Dea, Newsome’s wife, asked the favor that started this lifelong journey they have shared together.  Cody Webster wanted to learn how to fight bulls and Dea, who was babysat by Webster’s mom and family friend, Janice, talked to her husband and the agreement was made.  Although Webster is one of the best today he started out pretty green in the business but had a heard of gold and the willingness to put forth the effort to get to where he is today.  The first day that Newsome met Cody he thought to himself that this little kid is a  “malnutritioned little fart” but has grown to have a father/son type relationship with him.  Newsome remembers back to that first day saying, “I didn’t know what to expect,” recalled Newsom. “I was like, ‘Alright, let’s get out here in the yard and I have a bullfighting dummy.’”  From that day forward Cody Webster has never looked back and has earned the spot he has this year along side his idol.

Cody Webster remembers the day that he received the phone call informing him that he was chosen to fight the 2014 PBR World Finals by the Senior Vice President of Competition Jay Daugherty saying, “It is very emotional getting to work with the man I look to as a father figure,” Webster said. “Man, I never expected to get that call. It is very overwhelming and it is a blessing.  He went on to say, “It’s something that I have dreamed of my whole life. I grew up as a baby watching the NFR and the PBR and getting to watch Frank day in and day out.”

 Todday, Newsome, who is like Cody’s father figure was the first phone call Cody made after finding out he was chosen and Frank remembered that day vividly saying, “I am proud as heck for him, but that doesn’t even describe what I feel like,” Newsom said. “He called me and it took the rest of the evening for it to sink in. I knew it was going to happen, but I didn’t know it was going to be this soon in his career. Too be honest, in the back of my mind I hoped one of these days he would fill in for me. I just didn’t think it would happen this quick.”


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