Exciting PBR Action Continues In Springfield, Missouri


Once the doors opened and the fans started to pour into the JQH Arena here in Springfield, Missouri the excitement among the fans was incredible.  Everyone knew what they were going to witness tonight but after last night’s round one no one knew what the outcome would be.  After only 10 qualified rides last night the chance to make the championship round on Sunday was wide open for each and every contestant here this weekend.  All 35 of the top bull riders in the world took a chance to better their standings for the event heading into round three tomorrow but that was not all the fans would see tonight.


Current World Number One Cooper Davis

Photo Credit:  PBR.com

News broke immediately prior to the start of round two that world number one Cooper Davis is out for the rest of the weekend and beyond.  Sports medicine reported possible collar bone fracture and will undergo x-rays on Monday morning.  We will all find out the extent of the injury and how long this young superstar will have to take off from the Built Ford Tough Series tour and what this news will do to shake up the world standings race with J.B. Mauney making his return here this weekend in Springfield, Missouri!

Once the second round of action concluded down on the arena floor it was time for the elite contestants that are sitting in the top 15 spots in the world standings to put on a show.  In tonight’s 15/15 Bucking Battle the bovine athletes came to play and gave the cowboys all that they could handle heading into tomorrow afternoon’s round three and championship rounds.  The question remains who will leave Springfield as the number one cowboy and who will take home the inflated 500 points for the event win.  That is the question that we will answer tomorrow afternoon.


Kaique Pacheco Claims The Win In Round Two

Photo Credit:  Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

After a round that caused high blood pressure among the top bull riders in the world just 24-hours ago these men wanted to change the tone of the weekend from the get go tonight as round two got underway.  To say the power of the bucking bulls did not get any easier tonight is an understatement.  That being said the top 35 bull riders in the world came out with guns drawn as they put forth the 110% effort that was needed to propel many of them into tomorrow afternoon’s Championship Sunday performance.

Once the action began down on the arena floor we would all see many new bucking bulls as well as some different stock contractors that have not been to a PBR event thus far in 2016.  That being said, these cowboys had to ride on instinct instead of knowing what the animals underneath of them would do.  This concept did not work as we had only 4 of the 35 bull riders competing being able to cover their bull for the needed eight seconds.  Once things were all said and done it would be Kaique Pacheco who would be able out perform all others to take home the round two victory aboard 01 Cattle Co.’s Wired Child for a solid 86.50 points!

round recap

Complete List Of Qualified Rides For Round Two:

                               Kaique Pacheco (86.50)                                           Kasey Hayes (85.50)  

                              Ryan Dirteater (84.25)                                             Valdiron de Oliveira (84.00)


Once the round two excitement wound down and the celebration of the round winner Kaique Pacheco finally settled down it was time to showcase the top 15 bull riders in the Professional Bull Riders Built Ford Tough Series.  In the 15/15 Bucking Bull Challenge these cowboys would match up against 15 of the best bucking bulls in the business today.  As you can imagine there would not be many rides but the ones that were made ignited the crowd as huge scores were announced.


Eduardo Aparecido Is Tonight’s 15/15 Winner

Photo Credit:  Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

Tonight it was once again the bovine athletes that would dominate the 15/15 Bucking Bull Challenge.  That being said, there were only 2 of the elite 15 that would be able to make qualified rides and gain some needed world championship race points.  Even though Jess Lockwood would make a qualified ride he could not top the efforts of Eduardo Aparecido as he paired up with J.A.R.S Bucking Bulls/Gene Owen ‘s Little Red Jacket for 88 points for the win and the 150 points that went along with it!

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This weekend is proving to be one of the toughest events of the year for the elite bull riders of the Built Ford Tough Series.  As we look ahead to tomorrow afternoon it is still undecided who will put in the extra effort that will be needed to make the championship round.  The PFIWestern.com Invitational is the last three-day event of the 2016 season as we inch closer and closer to the PBR World Finals that will determine who will take home the world champion title and the $1 million dollars that goes with it!

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