The Defecting Contestants Speak Out Again!

Well friends it did not take long for the top cowboys and cowgirls to speak out once again after today’s statement from the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association and its Board of Directors.  There is so much bashing on either side of the issue that is expected when something like this is brought to a head.  Folks, both contestants and fans, all have something to say about this and will, in time, form their own opinion if they have not already done so.  Below is the newest statement brought forth by the united front of athletes explaining what was done and what they tried to do prior to the big blow up that has ensued on their facebook page Support Rodeo Contestants.




On behalf of the cowboys and cowgirls who issued yesterday’s statement, we want to thank everyone for their support. We understand that everyone would like further answers and details. We ask for your patience as we continue to move forward during this exciting time.

We also would like everyone to understand that our original plan was not to form a new organization. We put everything we had into working over the Christmas break to try and create some meaningful change within the PRCA structure that would have given the top contestants a direct voice on the PRCA board. We want to be more involved with the direction of our sport.

This new effort resulted only after our proposal to the PRCA Board was rejected. As a result we are still in the early stages of formation. Our purpose is to create a model that is better for the fans, committees and top contestants in the sport, but that also has a fair process for people to work their way to the top. Our group is committed to protecting the integrity of the sport of professional rodeo and the meaning of a gold buckle by making sure there is one, true championship.

Some people have expressed an opinion that the current National Finals Rodeo is “just a rodeo” and “it doesn’t really matter which cowboys you put out there.” We believe people that express that opinion do not understand the loyalty of true rodeo fans. We know that true rodeo fans respect the talent and drive it takes to make it to the top of this great sport. We ask you to step up, as we have, and let your voice be heard. It did not work when the NFL tried to have games with replacement players and while we respect every contestant who rodeos, we believe that fans deserve the right to see the very best cowboys and cowgirls compete for a true championship. We are equally committed to making sure that rodeo remains a true sport with a level playing field that allows advancement through the ranks.

Know that we are taking this effort seriously and have involved smart professionals with a strong background in both rodeo and professional sports. You would not see the names quoted in the release supporting this effort if we did not believe it was being done in a thoughtful and first-class way.

Also, we want to make clear that this is an effort that begins with the 2015 season. No one is talking about any disruption to the 2014 season. For that reason, we ask you to understand that rather than throw out details and get bogged down in an open debate on everything wrong with the sport of professional rodeo, we are working systematically to build a system that advances the sport and we look forward to working with everyone who wants to see the sport move to the next level.

Thank you again for your support, trust and patience and please join us in letting everyone know that the cowboys and cowgirls do matter.

The Organizing Top Cowboys and Cowgirls

As I stated in an earlier story I believe that these cowboys and cowgirls have the upper hand so far in this “battle of wills.”  I think the the PRCA and the Board of Directors do not know what to do and are staying very tight-lipped about the situation and do not want to say too much.  If these athletes continue to be open and available to the people that support them and the PRCA issues statements that do not really say anything it is going to be a long battle for them.  In my mind people are going to have to make a decision on who to back and the more open one side is I think the easier it will be to make a decision when the time comes to do so!







5 responses to “The Defecting Contestants Speak Out Again!”

  1. Wyoming Avatar

    Sounds like more of the same. Contestants nearing retirement feeling their star power carries more than it does. Not much need for used up cowboys. Sad but true. The contestants approach says nothing specific and is nothing more than they are upset they do not have more importance. They ought to be leery of the suck ups that inflate their egos while they are winning. As with competing, you have to earn your way to the top. Being a good roper or bronc rider does not qualify you to run business. Sorry fellas. Most of you are going to have to come to terms with how to make a living outside of rodeo. As a side note, how much ticket revenue does the timed events Championship in Guthrie generate with all that star power? How many football fans can tell you who won the 1982 Superbowl and who half the starting players were? Father time is not forgiving.

    1. Mark Anthony Avatar
      Mark Anthony

      If we went by your theroy, the Professional Bull Riders should be a second rate event held in small towns. But its not. Its a multi-million dollar international sport and thats what’s eating the PRCA board

  2. Wyoming Avatar

    The PBR was not built to be a retirement home for bull riders. It was built to gather the best riders against the best bulls- not to create positions for ex stars. The PRCA’s issues have arisen due to the inmates running the asylum. The ” new deal” is to create more of a voice for members? Kind of like a socialist union?

    When it comes down to gathering the most money for the vast number of contestants the PRCA has protected the members. How many rodeos would skew the prize money away from times events or dropped them all together.

    Still no real specifics from the new member deal. Sounds like politicians. More equality, better representation, for the rights of the people. Shoot. Throw in an extra Christmas.

    1. George Avatar

      Wyoming , may be best comments yet. You hit the nail on the head. It’s hard to let go but there is life after rodeo.

  3. SC Avatar

    The top contestants at the NFR are not always the most talented sometimes they are the most financially fortunate. So I think if they defunct; rodeo and the NFR could get back to it’s roots. Cowboys didn’t do it for the money they did it for the glory. They were the best. Now it’s all about who can buy the best horses, the biggest rig, and make the most rodeos.

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