Charlotte PBR Stop Rights All The Wrongs From One Week Ago


Last night the fans inside of the Time Warner Cable Arena were treated to a fantastic round one of the Professional Bull Riders Built Ford Tough Series here in Charlotte.  After a terrible event last weekend the cowboys came back with a dominating performance.  Getting things back on track last night alone the top 35 bull riders in the world rode 14 bulls which almost matched the complete count of qualified rides over five performances last weekend.  Tonight proved to pair the two sides up again with the advantage going to the cowboys that made the final two rounds something special.

The fans were filled with excitement that poured over onto the contestants themselves as Championship Saturday kicked off all the festivities.  Along with some of the best bull riding in the world all those in attendance were blessed with past Minnesota Viking and most recently Carolina Panther Jared Allen who was in attendance to watch his best bucking bulls perform.  That little extra incentive alone made the bull riders here in Charlotte give just a little extra effort that ended up paying off ten fold by the time the night’s action was over.


Jess Lockwood Takes Home The Round Two Win

Photo Credit:  Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

Coming into tonight’s final rounds the already close world title race tightened up even more after a dominating performance and round win by the current number three man and reigning world champion J.B. Mauney.  The Carolina cowboy came back after sitting out last week’s event and climbed to within 585 points of world number one Kaique Pacheco.  Tonight shaped up to be something very special as well that would bring the title race to the closest point it has been this late in the season in the history of the organization.

Tonight’s round two action picked up right where round one left off after seeing 14 of the top 35 bull riders in the world making it to the 8 second buzzer.  That being said tonight would not be any different and left the fans wanting more heading into the championship round of competition.  On this fateful Saturday night it would be a total of 10 of these elite cowboys that would make the buzzer and put points on the board.  Although the action was non- stop down on the arena floor no one could best the 88.25 point ride that Jess Lockwood put up aboard Rocking I Rodeo Company’s Billy Bat Skat to take home the round two win.

round recap

Complete List Of Round Two Qualified Rides:

                                                   Jess Lockwood (88.25)                        Luis Blanco (87.50)

                                                  Lachlan Richardson (87.00)             Aaron Roy (86.50)

                                                 Eduardo Aperacido (86.50)               J.B. Mauney (86.25)

                                                Mike Lee (86.00)                                    Kaique Pacheco (85.50)

                                               Joao Ricardo Vieira (84.75)              Guilherme Marchi (84.00) 


Kaique Pacheco Takes Home The Championship Round Win With 88.25 Points

Photo Credit:  Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

After the field was set it was time to refocus our attention to those cowboys that place in the top 15 throughout the first two rounds that would qualify them for the championship round earlier tonight.  All these bull riders were flying high from a fantastic event thus far and tonight’s final round would not be any different.  Much like the championship rounds of the past, the rides were few but the amount of heart and effort all those involved, both bovine and bull rider, were truly awe inspiring as we crowned a Charlotte Invitational event champion.

Tonight the fans that were in attendance and watching live on the PBR Live app rose the level on anticipation and excitement as these cowboys began tonight’s championship round.  As we could all well imagine there would not be many rides but that did not seem to matter as 3 of the 15 bull riders in the round would manage to cover their bulls for the required 8 seconds to earn a qualified ride.  No one could do better than the match-up of Kaique Pacheco and Rocking I Rodeo Company’s Crazy Horse who joined forces to put up a huge 88.25 point ride to take home the championship round win.


Kaique Pacheco Celebrates His Charlotte Invitational Win

Photo Credit:  Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

This weekend’s Charlotte Invitational proved to be the winning ticket for a few of those bull riders that were sitting outside of the top 35 in the world standings.  The invited contestants made the most of this weekend’s event and a couple of them did what they had to do to move up enough to, at this point, be invited to Las Vegas as a top 35 bull rider and head to the 2016 PBR World Finals this November.  The injuries that continue to pile up are giving these hungry bull riders the chance they need to secure their spot at this season ending championship event at the new T-Mobile Arena.

Once the lights went down on the arena floor and the confetti was being swept up it would be one man that would stand taller than the rest as the Charlotte Invitational event champion.  Tonight that lucky man would be non other than current world number one Kaique Pacheco who is extending his world championship title race lead.   Now that the young gun Cooper Davis is out of competition Kaique Pacheco is looking like he is taking full advantage of the opportunity he has which should make for some exciting weekends ahead.

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As we look forward to next weekend’s event in Colorado Springs, Colorado there is one thing for sure, these cowboys know what they have to do to secure a spot at this year’s World Finals.  That being said these guys are leaving nothing on the table and are pulling out all the stops to make sure they are one of the 35 bull riders that will be invited to Las Vegas this coming November.  All in all this weekend righted all the wrongs from one week ago and got the train back on the tracks and pointed in the right direction for these elite bull riding athletes!

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