Boyd Gaming Cinch Chute Out Starts Today!

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The inaugural Boyd Gaming Cinch Chute Out held its first open media day this morning followed by the first of three performances this weekend.  The small yet intimate arena was just the right feel for the event and brought the rodeo fans that were in attendance right up close to the action happening inside of the arena.

Past World Champions and other well-known rodeo superstars headlined today’s exciting start to this first ever rodeo event held inside The Orleans Arena at The Orleans Hotel and Casino!

It all started early this morning when rodeo media in town were invited to an exclusive inside look at how this whole production will be run.  We were also given an extensive behind the scenes tour to walk us through what all was going to happen later in the day as well as give us exclusive access to those in charge of the main event!

I had a chance to sit down and talk with the powers that be and discussed everything involved with the production and the behind the scenes choreography that happens to make this event happen the next three days.

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Boyd Gaming Senior Vice President And Chief Marketing Officer Chris Gibase

Boyd Gaming Senior Vice President of Operations Chris Gibase sat down with me to talk about the effect that the Boyd Gaming Cinch Chute Out will have on the city and for the fans here visiting Las Vegas.

There has always been some sort of tension between those that run Wrangler and this event’s title sponsor, Cinch but it is good to hear that all that has been pushed to the side.  In talking with Gibase he says that before this idea came to he wanted to make sure that it would not cause any harm on either side of the fence.


Boyd Gaming as been a long time supporter of the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association and the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo event that takes place each year here in Las Vegas.  The concept of this event was designed around inviting the 16th through 20th place cowboys and cowgirls to compete for over $200,000 since they had to be in Las Vegas anyway for promotional appearances.

Chris Gibase did not want to compete against the WNFR event but only give the contestants that missed out of it a chance to make some money while having to be in the city that he loves so dearly!

How it works

There are a total of eight contestants in each event throughout the first two days of performances.  The draw has been set for this afternoon’s performance and then tomorrow it will be the same draw but will be run exactly opposite to provide equal opportunity for all the contestants involved.

Once day two is complete the field will be whittled down to the top six as the bottom two will be eliminated from competition.  After the first round of the third performance is done that field will be narrowed down once again to the top three contestants in each event.  Those three will then compete head to head for their share of the over $200,000 in prize money that is up for grabs!

The Boyd Gaming Cinch Chute Out is an invitation only event so that the loyal rodeo fans in attendance can see some of the very best past and present rodeo stars in the business.  Rodeo legends such as Joe Beaver and Fred Whitfield will be performing each day as well.

The great thing about this event is our friends at Boyd Gaming put every contestant up, feed them the entire week, provide horse stalls for the animals and does not charge them to compete.  That simply means the trip to compete at the event is entirely covered and there are no entry fees to be paid.


The only thing these cowboys and cowgirls have to, as Chris Gibase says, is compete for a huge amount of money each day and interact with the rodeo fans in a whole different way, which, we are excited to see what exactly they mean by that.  Once the performance is over he says these contestants are required to let loose and just “have fun” courtesy of The Orleans Hotel and Casino and Boyd Gaming.

The buckle presentations for the Boyd Gaming Cinch Chute Out happen nightly as part of the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo Live show inside the Orleans.

Lets Talk

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