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There was some news that came down the line yesterday that is making the professional bull riding world stir up some conversation and emotions.  One of the most loved PBR bull riders on the Built Ford Tough Series tour was abruptly cut from the organization without much of an explanation.  It is very well known that this guy has had some issues in the past but the announcement that came down today was as shock and we are trying to get to the bottom of it and get the reasoning behind the decision itself.


Ben Jones Celebrates An Event Win

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The 2016 Built Ford Tough Series season has not been good to Ben Jones on the Built Ford Tough Series tour.  Throughout the year the Australian cowboy has had to deal with many injuries that have prevented him from competing for a majority of the year.  That being said heading into the PBR World Finals he was still solidly within the top 35 in the world and was set to make his way to Las Vegas to compete next week at the T-Mobile Arena.

That being said, the Dancing Australian Ben Jones is the center of all speculation as we all make our way to Las Vegas for the 2016 PBR World Finals Week festivities.  Yesterday the Professional Bull Riders organization made a profound yet brief statement regarding the status of this fan favorite cowboy.  That announcement sent everyone to social media to voice their opinions and try to figure out for themselves what exactly was happening to the energetic bull rider.


The PBR made the announcement on their website yesterday and have been very tight lipped about expanding on what happened other than the statement that they released.  The unexpected announcement quite simply read, “Following several incidents of conduct detrimental to the sport and a violation of probationary terms, Ben Jones’ PBR membership has been withdrawn as of today.  He will no longer be competing in PBR-sanctioned events.”  I did reach out to the powers that be to try and get an expanded statement but nothing further was going to be given at this time.

That being said, I have also reached out to my contacts on the other end of the issue and am waiting on an official announcement from the Ben Jones camp.  I have spoken to his agent in order to give all of his fans both sides a chance to give statements regarding the termination of Ben Jones’ PBR status.  I know many of you are wondering what he has to say and I will be releasing that once I get it from them.  Ben’s agent was going to reach out to his client this afternoon and will give me a statement following their conversation later today.

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I have a feeling that this will not be the last of the breaking news stories leading up to the start of the PBR World Finals Week happenings that begin this Friday night in Las Vegas.  The entire Rodeo Round Up team will be ramping up and headed that way but will be continuing to monitor this and all other stories as we head that way.  Stay tuned to the website and all of our social media platforms to see our coverage of these as well as all the things going on during the week of the 2016 PBR World Finals!

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12 responses to “Ben Jones Out Of The PBR Effective Immediately”

  1. dee Avatar

    What happened with Ben Jones?

    1. Jason Hetland Avatar
      Jason Hetland

      He was kicked out of the PBR organization but the actual reason was never given ….. the saga continues …. !!

  2. TShu Avatar

    Anyone know what happened to cause Ben to be kicked out? He seemed to love riding bulls and always showed a lot of heart, toughness, and passion

  3. Julie Avatar

    Any final word on why Ben Jones was let go?

  4. Harold Green Avatar
    Harold Green

    Why is the Ben Jones saga so hush hush? Can find no answer anywhere as to why he was released from the PBR.

    1. Loren Avatar

      Harold if you know anything about Ben Jones he has been on probation for a long time it’s not hard to figure it out.. I was told from a credible source it’s unfortunate but screw it he is riding in a better series now the CBR and he is doing good too

  5. Monte Joseph Avatar

    We Miss Ben he added a lot of excitement to the PBR, He was a real nice guy. I believe he should at least be allowed to return and paid to be a chute helper or supporter for his countryman. PBR owes it to him he had the biggest Heart.

  6. Steve Avatar

    i Personaly will miss Ben Jones. he was one hell of a bull rider .even with all his injures he kept competing. i give him a lot of credit for that.

  7. Debbie Avatar

    few years later and I still don’t know where Ben is or what happened???

  8. Donna Easter Avatar
    Donna Easter

    I my husband met ben jones and his wife at the grocery store and Ben Jones was a super nice guy very plot I don’t know what is going on I thought he was still writing but I haven’t been into PBR for a while to all his fans and do the people that are hating on him he is a super nice guy. I don’t understand why im not judging if u read this Mr Ben Jones we miss u

  9. Chris Avatar

    Met Ben Jones recently in Boyd, Tx. Really nice guy. He’s still riding though.

  10. Cheryll Ramirez Avatar
    Cheryll Ramirez

    What happened? I love him so much…miss you Ben Jones

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