Barrel Racer And Motivational Speaker Amberley Snyder Is This Week’s Guest On The Rodeo Round Up: Unplugged


Amberley Snyder

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Jason “TEX” Hetland is working hard on getting all of the requested rodeo personalities that you, the loyal listeners and rodeo fans, have requested to hear from on the weekly episodes of the Rodeo Round Up: Unplugged Podcast.  I felt it was important this week to step back from the worlds of the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association and the Professional Bull Riders organizations to focus in on those that have had tragedies throughout their career and have learned to overcome and adapt to the situations that life has thrown them.  This week we focus in on barrel racer and motivational speaker Amberley Snyder.  This name may sound familiar to some of you but to some of you it may not.  Jason would like to take time out of the regular scheduled guests to bring you the inspiring story of a very talented young lady with a lifelong passion for barrel racing.

This young lady began learning her love for horses at a very young age and learned how deep of a passion she had for the sport of barrel racing from that point on. As her love grew for the sport so did her recognition with in the rodeo industry as she went on to win numerous awards and titles throughout her young career.  In 2009 her name was added to the record books in both the National Little Britches Rodeo and National High School Finals Rodeo which we talk about during this week’s edition of the Rodeo Round Up: Unplugged.   Jason talks with Amberley about all of her young life and what started her love for her horses and the sport of professional barrel racing which she continues to love just as much today as she did when she first started.

Amerley Accident

Amberley’s truck after her rollover accident

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Even though her love is just as strong as it was many years ago, when she started at a very young age, many things have changed throughout the years.  As any of us know, if you have the love and the ambition to make it in this sport the miles and hours driving throughout the nation come with it as well.  As you can see above, Amberley Snyder sustained a career changing auto accident in 2010 that may have caused life changing injuries to her body but it did not take away any of the passion for her horses or the sport which she so dearly loved.  Amberley Snyder opens up about how life has changed since her accident and how she as overcome and adapted to her injuries.

Along with her love for the rodeo industry she has found another calling and passion since her accident in 2010.  Becoming a motivational speaker has helped her to personally deal with the injuries that she sustained as part of her roll over accident.  She looks at it this way, if her name is known throughout the rodeo industry for a very talented up and coming barrel racer she might as well use that to travel the country when she is not rodeoing and speak to everyone that has become disabled and tell them it is okay to be who they are.  Along with the barrel racing and motivational speaking she is busy making weekly webisodes showing different things she does on a daily basis to deal with her injuries that have left her in a wheelchair for the rest of her life called “Wheelchair Wednesdays”.  You can follow her travels, rodeo appearances and webisodes by liking and following her facebook page here.

As you can see from the video below Amberley Snyder has not let the things that have happened to her change her focus on what she has loved to do throughout her childhood.  Instead, she takes inspiration fro what happened to figure out ways to make sure she could continue doing it while growing up and now making a career out of something that she would never be able to do again.  I truly hope that you have enjoyed this week’s edition of the Rodeo Round Up: Unplugged as much as I have by getting to know such and inspiring person a little bit better.

Check out our conversation by listening to the audio link below and find out the answers to the questions that you may have about how Amberley Snyder overcame life’s tragedies.

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