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The 2015 Professional Bull Riders Built Ford Tough Series World Finals is just one week away from kick-off in Las Vegas, Nevada!  With that being said, the PBR Headquarters have sent out some information regarding some timeframes of events surrounding this year’s festivities.  A huge change to the Tyson Fan Zone and Marketplace as it moves from outside the Mandalay Bay to inside the Preifert Arena at the South Point Hotel and Casino so keep that in mind as you head west to watch this year’s World Finals live!


This year the Tyson Fan Zone and Marketplace will move indoors, which will take away the element of surprise weather, to the South Point Hotel and Casino.  A smart move since most of the festivities other than the performances themselves are all held there.  Along with that change will be a change to the meet and greet appearances for the top 35 bull riders in the world.  Each day select bull riders will be in attendance for 90 minutes from 9:30 to 11:00 A.M. unlike past years where every rider was there only on Saturdays.  This year the contestants are split up between days from Wednesday to Saturday to make it a little more manageable for the fans and riders throughout the week.  Below is a list of riders and what days they will be there for the meet and greet session:

Wednesday:  Guilherme Marchi, Kaique Pacheco, Matt Triplett, Nathan Schaper, J.W. Harris, Chase Outlaw and Ryan Dirteater

Thursday:  Silvano Alves, Rubens Barbosa, Renato Nunes, Mike Lee, Cody Nance, Gage Gay, Stormy Wing and Aaron Roy

Friday:  J.B. Mauney, Shane Proctor, Cooper Davis, Tanner Byrne, Reese Cates, Eduardo Aparecido and Robson Aragao

Saturday:  Joao Ricardo Vieira, Valdiron de Oliveira, Fabiano Vieira, Ben Jones, Stetson Lawrence, Mason Lowe and Kasey Hayes

The Tyson Fan Zone and Marketplace will operate from Tuesday October 20th through Saturday October 24th from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. each day and will feature some of the very best entertainment for the PBR’s fans to enjoy all week long.  We have included a schedule of special events below so those attending the 2015 PBR World Finals can coordinate their schedules to make sure everything can be seen throughout the week.  Here is a list of all the special happenings going on at the Tyson Fan Zone and Marketplace:

Tuesday, Oct. 20 

10:30 a.m.: LIVE Entertainment

2 p.m.: ABBI & Rider Relief Fund Calcutta

2:30 p.m.: LIVE Entertainment

Wednesday Saturday, Oct. 21-24 

11 a.m.: Chris Shivers Mini Bull Riding

Noon: Flint Rasmussen “Outside the Barrel” Show

1:30 p.m.: LIVE Entertainment

3 p.m.: Chris Shivers Mini Bull Riding

The 2015 ABBI schedule is as follows:

 Monday, Oct .19

Noon: Bucking Bull Games – Bull and Rider Round 1

Tuesday, Oct. 20

10 a.m.: ABBI Futurity Round 1

2 p.m.: ABBI’s Rider Relief Fund Calcutta

3 p.m.: Bucking Bull Games and Rider Tournament

4 p.m.: ABBI and Backseat Buckers long round

Wednesday, Oct. 21

9 a.m.: Bucking Bull Games Wildcard

11:30 a.m.: ABBI Yearling competition

2 p.m.: ABBI Cowgirls For A Cure

6 p.m.: ABBI Classic Round 1

Thursday, Oct. 22

9 a.m.: All-in Bulls Buck Preview

10:30 a.m.: ABBI/Backseat Buckers Finals

11:30 a.m.: ABBI Lifetime/Backseat Buckers Derby

2 p.m.: Bucking Bull Games & Rider Tournament (semifinals)

Friday, Oct. 23

10 a.m.: ABBI & Bucking Bull Games 2nd Chance Championship

2 p.m.: Bucking Bull Games Final 2 Championship Tournament

Saturday, Oct. 24

10 a.m.: ABBI & Bucking Bull Games Futurity Finals

1 p.m.: ABBI World Premiere Sale

6 p.m.: ABBI Classic Finals

** There is a $10.00 Per Day Fee To Attend The ABBI Bucking Bull Events But The Tyson Fan Zone and Marketplace Is Entirely Free Of Charge To All That Attend**

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